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June 3, 2015

The new Nokia 105 helps give people a voice

Introducing the new Nokia 105 and Nokia 105 Dual SIM – perfect for those looking to own their first mobile phone or for those needing a reliable back-up phone for travel and fun.

Microsoft’s most affordable mobile phone empowers people around the world to have a voice by bringing new mobile opportunities to their fingertips. The new Nokia 105 builds on the success of its predecessor, the award-winning Nokia 105, and adds several improvements to enable you to achieve more.

With an extended phonebook capacity, the new Nokia 105 can store up to 2,000 contacts. No matter how many people and companies you connect with, you’ll always have space to save their contact details and make new connections!

On top of the enhanced audio for even better voice clarity, you can now talk longer; the new Nokia 105 supports up to 15-hours talk time. So you can talk, and talk, and talk with your friends and family.


And of course we’ve kept the incredible battery life for which that our mobiles phones have been known! Up to 35 days standby time* – yes, that’s more than a month on a single battery charge – means you don’t need to worry about constantly charging your phone.

Got two SIM cards? Slide them both into the Nokia 105 Dual SIM to manage your costs, reduce the number of phones you carry, or to make sure you never miss another call.

While those elements alone make for a great upgrade, the new Nokia 105’s updated rounded look makes it visually appealing while remaining as durable as ever. It will be available in cyan, black and white.


For those of you who like to play games in your downtime, the new Nokia 105 and Nokia 105 Dual SIM come preinstalled with Snake Xenzia and Bubble Bash 2.

And let’s not forget the everyday essentials like the FM radio and torchlight – both included for your convenience.

Starting in June, the new Nokia 105 and Nokia 105 Dual SIM will retail globally in select markets for USD $20**, making communication accessible to millions of people around the world.

* on the Nokia 105 Single SIM model

** Before local taxes and subsidies


Nokia 105 / Nokia 105 Dual SIM  
Operating system Series 30+
Display 1.45’’ / LCD Transmissive, HighColor (16-bit/64k)
Battery BL-5CB 800mAh (replaceable)Talk time: up-to 15hrs (SS and DS)Standby time: up-to 35 days (SS), 25 days (DS)
Networks Dual band 900/1800MHz (SS and DS)Dual band 850/1900MHz (SS only)
Dimensions 108.5 x 45.5 x 14.1mm
Connectivity 3.5mm AV connector, micro USB charger
Colors Cyan, black, white