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June 9, 2015

Cortana updated to ease the stress of travel

The personal digital assistant can now better help you plan, pack for, and enjoy your travels this summer and beyond.

If you’re like most of us, you only get a few weeks a year to relax and unwind on vacation. But while we anticipate getting away from the office, getting to and from our travel destinations can make our stress levels spike.

Thankfully, Cortana (available with Windows Phone 8.1 in select markets) has been updated to help you make the most of your getaways, whether you’re headed to Helsinki, Havana, or points in between

For instance, she’s always tracked your flights. But Cortana can now keep all the details of a trip in her Notebook. That way, your travel itinerary and other pertinent information are in one place—not scattered in different email messages.


You can ask Cortana to “show me my flights” or “show me my trips” to get specific details on upcoming travel. And she’ll remind you what the five-day forecast is at your destination, when online check-in is available (so you can snag the best seat) and when to head to the airport based on current traffic conditions—features helpful to any frazzled traveler.

Cortana does even more to make flying the skies truly friendly, including converting currency if you’re traveling to a foreign country. Head over to the Bing Blogs to learn more about her expanded powers as a travel concierge!