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June 10, 2015

The new family of Microsoft Portable Dual chargers keeps you charged up for longer

With a trio of capacities on offer, the new 5200mAh, 9000mAh and 12000mAh portable chargers make sure your devices stay juiced wherever you spend your summer.

Planning a fishing trip or a party weekend at a rock festival? Going to spend your holidays on the beach or out camping? We have a wide selection of handy USB charging accessories for you to keep your devices powered up when you don’t have ready access to a power source.

Leading this powered up line-up is the most portable of all: the 5200mAh charger. With its slender design and pocketable shape, it fits perfectly into your pocket or bag, and is easy to carry with you wherever you go.


If, after a long day at work or the beach, the battery on your Lumia looks like it might not take an hour-long Minecraft: Pocket Edition session while you’re riding the train, simply plug in your Lumia for a quick boost.

For the more power-needy who might have more than one device or plan to stay out for longer, either the 9000mAh or 12000mAh charger might be the preferred option.

While bigger in capacity and also physical size, these two are still portable and can easily be slipped into your bag, your glovebox, or in your tent while you prepare your smores.

All three portable chargers come equipped with not one, but two USB ports, which lets you charge more than one device at the same time.

For example, you can max out the battery of your Lumia 640 and turn to your Surface 3 to continue watching a movie, or browsing photos, then when the power reaches low levels, attach them both to increase the power.

Moreover, chances are that once you’ve finished charging up your Lumia or Surface, the Microsoft Portable Dual chargers will still contain enough power to recharge your devices again, should you need to later.


Talk about throwing a beach party with the hottest Mix Radio playlists and your MD-12 speaker – with a portable power source that lets the music play as long as your feet can dance!

When it comes to charging and holding their power, the Microsoft Portable Dual chargers can hold their charge for months at a time and still have up to 80% capacity after several months. They also charge your USB charging smartphone or tablet as fast as our AC-60 wall charger.

Checking the power levels on each pack is easy, thanks to the handy LED indicator.


If both your Lumia and portable charger need charging, make use of the ‘daisy-chain’ feature. Simply connect the power pack to the charger, then your mobile device to the power pack and both will charge simultaneously.

The new Microsoft Portable Dual chargers will become available globally in select markets over the next few weeks, with an estimated retail price of USD 35, 45, and 55.