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June 15, 2015

Celebrating Lumia photographers this Nature Photo Day

At Conversations, we love the images you take with your Lumias. We value the photographer in you and that’s why we are celebrating you today – on Nature Photography Day!

To promote the cause of conservation and the protection of plants, wildlife, and natural landscapes, June 15 is observed as Nature Photography Day.

Nature Photography Day is also about celebrating nature photography in general and encouraging people everywhere to use a camera to explore the natural world.

Here are some tips from Lumia lover and photographer imawesh on how to capture nature in all its breathtaking glory with your Lumia.

1. Composition is key: imawesh recommends the ‘rule of thirds’ to get the perfect shot. It’s the process of breaking down an image into thirds, horizontally and vertically, in order to frame a shot.

In your camera’s general settings, select “rule of thirds” under “framing grids.” Now place your subject along the lines where they intersect.

2. Shoot during “Golden Hours”: The beauty of nature can best be photographed during the periods shortly after sunrise or before sunset when natural light is redder and softer.

3. Click multiple photos: Play with the settings of your Lumia Camera until you get the right effect.

4. Get up close: Use an external macro lense with your Lumia to get the perfect close-up of a flower or butterfly.

5. Shoot in RAW format: Editing is extremely important to get good results. Set your Lumia’s capture mode to JPEG+DNG (RAW) photo settings to shoot landscapes. RAW format makes it easier to edit your photos with a photo-editing tool like Lightroom or Photoshop.

6. Be dramatic: imawesh likes to add a dramatic sky to his shots because cloud patterns make photos more interesting. Feel free to let the sky take up two-thirds of the photo or more. For example, in this image he framed the horizon in the lower part of image. The clouds were enhanced using fhotoroom and Adobe Photoshop Express.

7. Try black and white: Black and white can add a unique feel to nature shots.

8. Don’t rush your shots: Take your time and, when in doubt, try a different perspective. Shoot from a higher vantage point or get closer to the ground.


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A photo posted by Awesh Shrivastava (@imawesh) on

And, here are some equally fabulous photos you clicked with your Lumias.

1) This shot by Zoran Stričević looks just like a painting. It makes great use of the Lumia 830’s PureView optics!


2) Alex Duvier‎ clicks this beautiful “couple” with his Lumia 520.


3) What a perfectly timed shot of the cloudy sky and rainbow by Elizabeth Oldham using a Lumia 1020.


4) Jakub Škvaridlo has staged a beautiful panoramic shot using the Lumia 1020.


5) Can you believe Kavin Anbu‎ captured this shot with his Lumia 1020 while travelling in a train?


6) Is it a snake or a twig or something different altogether? Whatever this maybe, it is a beautiful shot by shbhm111 using the Lumia 640 XL.


Round round round round & round… 😵 #Lumia640XL


A photo posted by Shubham Kumar (@shbhm111) on

Do you enjoy taking nature photos with your Lumia? Share your best shots with us in the comments below.