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June 15, 2015

Create Minecraft skins on your Lumia

Thanks to the recent Minecraft: Pocket Edition update on Windows Phone, it’s now possible to change your Minecraft character. Want to build your own?

First, you’ll need the MC Skin Editor, an editing tool available for free from the Windows Phone app store.

With this app, you can design your own skin by starting with a blank person-shaped canvas or by using one of its many templates. You can also import creations made by other users by entering their name (like Notch) or sometimes a character (like Superman).

Your canvas is broken down into parts: head, body, arm, leg, and helmet.


The tools available include an extensive color palette, color-selection pipette, noise applicator, and preview button. That’s all you really need–barring creativity, of course.

Think of a person you want to depict–you, a favorite game character, or something totally new. Now, start adding color and patterns into the body segments to duplicate their appearance.


I found it useful to hit the preview icon often to make sure that the patterns from one side of the body match up or connect to those on the adjoining sides.

Once you’ve perfected your character skin, give it a name and upload it to your OneDrive account. It’ll save as a .PNG file under the newly created “MC Skin Editor” folder, where you can store it for future use in the full-sized or Pocket Edition of “Minecraft.”

Transferring your new skin to Minecraft: Pocket Edition on your Lumia

Now that your new character skin is stored online, load up the OneDrive app, navigate to the “MC Skin Editor” folder and download the .PNG file to your phone’s photo gallery.

Now, within “Minecraft: Pocket Edition,” select options, characters, and then browse to find your own personal character.

Select it to start playing with your own creation.

We’ve made a couple for you

While you’re thinking of some characters you’d like to create, I’ve produced a couple of characters that some of you gamers might recognize.

Download them to your phone’s photo gallery by clicking on the images below and then upload the files into your “Minecraft: Pocket Edition.”



Happy gaming!