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June 18, 2015

Switch easily from Android to Windows Phone

If you’re thinking of moving from Android to Windows Phone, Microsoft has an app that easily transfers your data to your beautiful new phone.

One drawback of changing phones is that you don’t want to lose any of your information. Thankfully you don’t have to.

The free Switch to Windows Phone app comes in two versions. Available from Windows Phone Store and Google play, you’ll need both versions to transfer valuable digital information, such as:

  • Contacts (including phone numbers and email addresses)
  • Text messages
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Music

The first app you need to launch is the Android version as that’s where your data is currently stored.


With two transfer options available, which one you choose depends on where you are with the setup of your new Lumia or Windows Phone.

If you haven’t set up your new phone yet, you can save the data from your Android phone to OneDrive and sync it once you’ve configured your new device.

Alternatively, the Wi-Fi option creates a virtual wireless connection between your old and new device and transfers data that way. Accept the connection requests on your new Lumia to proceed.

And that’s it! After a short few moments, your new Lumia should be full of your contacts, photos, and any other media items you selected.

Once you’ve done that, be sure to check out our getting-started infographic, or for an interactive guide on everything your Lumia can do.

Have you switched to Windows Phone, yet? Share your stories with us in the comments section below.