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June 19, 2015

Saying a selfie ‘I do’ … with Lumia 730

If you thought planning a wedding is the most difficult job, think again. Capturing the perfect wedding photo that will be remembered forever is a daunting task. Here’s how the Microsoft Lumia 730 helped Prachi and Ankit make their Big Day even more special.


In January, we asked Indian readers to share their photos and reasons for wanting a #selfieshaadi, a first-of-its-kind selfie wedding shoot concept powered by the Lumia 730. Meet Prachi Bansal and Ankit Aggarwal, the lucky couple who won the contest and got married selfie style.

“I knew we had won the contest just two days before the wedding, when I was in the middle of the festivities and surrounded by relatives. Getting to record our wedding in selfies was the best wedding present Ankit and I could get,” said Prachi, the bride.


It’s a testament to the power and quality of the Lumia 730 that both the happy couple and Think Tonk, the wedding photography team, trusted it to record their special day.

“Clicking the wedding couple only in selfies was a challenging yet fun task. As a wedding photographer, I have always dealt with numerous lenses and big cameras but shooting with a Lumia 730 was a completely different experience as the phone is compact and easy to handle,” said Vijay Tonk, of Think Tonk.

“My team trained the couple and explained lighting and the right backgrounds to click a selfie. The selfies that we clicked were perfect, rich in color, and were edited with the available filters in the Lumia Selfie app.”


A selfie clicked with the Lumia 730


A selfie clicked with the Lumia 730

Of course, the high-definition 5-megapixel front camera of the Skype-and-selfie-enabled Lumia 730 is excellent. Its focal length of 24mm makes it the ultimate selfie phone.

So, here’s how Ankit captured some of his life’s precious moments “uncropped.”


A selfie clicked with the Lumia 730


The wedding celebrations saw not just the guests, but also the photographer and his team wanting to be part of this larger-than-life shoot and click selfies with the couple.


A selfie clicked with the Lumia 730

Soon, it was time for the bride to make her grand entrance and she was ready with a pose.


A selfie clicked with the Lumia 730

Not fully satisfied with just group shots, this excited young man made the most of the pre-loaded Lumia Selfie app.


A selfie clicked with the Lumia 730

“I wanted candid photos and was unsure if a wedding photographer would be able to do that. I really enjoyed clicking these selfies with the Lumia 730,” continued a beaming Ankit.

couple 11

A selfie clicked with the Lumia 730

If you also want to shoot your wedding or other special occasion in self-portraits, here are some tips from Vijay to capture equally stunning selfies on your Lumia.

Be well lit

Good lighting is a must for photos, including selfies. Avoid harsh lighting, even if you’re going for something dramatic. 

Watch your back

Always check your surroundings and pick a good, clear background. Look for solid-colored walls, textured curtains, or a clutter-free environment.

Don’t be shy

Shun your inhibitions and have fun! No one is watching you, so click something silly or sexy.

Know your best angle

It is good to know which side of your face–left or right–looks best. One option is to angle your face upwards for a great shot. Remember to look for your perfect angle. Try adjusting your shoulders or tilt slightly left or right to see what looks best.

Say cheese 

Don’t forget to smile; a sad face or a frown in a selfie looks staged. 

Experiment with filters 

Add interesting dimensions to your selfie with an added hue or filter with the Lumia Selfie app. Play around with different looks before settling on the final one. 

Do you like to click selfies? Let your imagination run wild and post your selfies in the comments below.