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June 22, 2015

Lumia Person of Action: Verena Mei

This racecar driver, actress and instructor uses her Lumia to capture life on the open road.

Say “Aloha!” to Verena Mei. Originally from Hawaii, Verena’s petite, delicate frame belies her expert skills in racing hunks of steel at high speed around racetracks and on hundreds of miles of unpaved road in all weather conditions.


She’s the first woman to compete in (and win a class championship) in the Redline Time Attack auto racing series and the first woman to compete in Formula Drift—a sport in which drivers execute controlled sideways slides at super-fast speeds. Oh, and Verena was a member of the first women’s team to win a national class championship in the Rally America racing series.

Check out this video showing off Verena’s drift skills:

Over the past year, Verena has used her Lumia Icon to #achievemore: from snapping photos with Lumia Camera, updating her fans on Instagram, Twitter and other social channels, jotting down notes in OneNote, and keeping track of her fast-paced life with the native Calendar app.

She’s also played around with the Lumia 830 (pictured in the top photo) and the new Microsoft Lumia 640 and Microsoft Lumia 640 XL.

“It’s really fast and it’s easy to use,” Verena said of her Lumia. “I like the way it’s laid out; it’s very business oriented.”

“I love taking photos, so I love the camera’s manual settings and love to play with ISO and light balance.”


She highlighted several of her favorite Windows Phone imaging apps. They include Lumia Selfie (“It makes you look really good”), Lumia Cinemagraph, and 6tag for Instagram.

Verena’s also a big fan of the Spotify (“I love Katy Perry!”) and Amazon apps for Windows Phone

By the way, her passion for motorsports extends to other jobs—such as a stunt driver for commercials, actress (you may have seen her in “The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift”) and driving instructor.

So here’s a driving tip from Verena: Constantly look ahead and around you as far as you can so you’re not taken by surprise, whether it’s by a car suddenly merging into your lane, an unexpected hairpin turn, or a pedestrian running across the street.

“Keep your eyes up,” she said. “People may think they’re looking ahead, but they’re looking just over the car’s hood.”

Are you a person of action like Verena? Think you can take her on in a drag race?! Let us know in the comments section below.