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June 23, 2015

Your latest Lumia Challenge: Journeys

“It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.”

So said one of our great literary heroes, Ernest Hemingway. And when an adventurer like Papa speaks it’s definitely worth sitting up and taking notice. So, in honour of the travellers amongst our amazing global community, our latest Lumia challenge celebrates journeys. You can take this theme and run with it in any way you want, but one thing we need to feel from your photographs, taken on any Microsoft mobile device, is excitement. We want to feel the urge to pack up our stuff and jump on the nearest plane, train or automobile. We want to feel the tingle of anticipation at an impending adventure. Show us how you travel and you could win an unforgettable experience in your own country.

Get involved

To share your view of the world with the world, your entries must be shared via Twitter or Instagram using both the #LumiaChallenge hashtag and @Connects. The competition will last two weeks from today and you can enter as many times as you like. And remember before you enter, be sure to read the terms and conditions.

Get inspired

Let’s face, the Connects community is jam-packed with inspiring travel photographers, but if you need more to get clicking here’s some stunning photos from friend of Conversations, Jill Bazeley aka jillophone on Instagram. On her recent trip, she snapped these magnificent shot of the America’s Great Southwest, on the border of Utah and Arizona.


Of the trip, Jill says ‘My Lumia is a treasured travel companion and it barely left my hand during our recent family road trip through the wide-open spaces of America’s “Great Southwest.” I saved all my notes, receipts, and confirmations to OneNote, Cortana was steadfastly at my side and my destinations were organized in Here Maps. And, of course, there was the spectacular Lumia camera that gives me both pro level control and results along with the joy of ultra-portability. As a bonus, the phone connected automatically to a trusted hotel hotspot (using the WI-FI Sense feature) and uploaded all my photos to OneDrive while I slept!” Jill underlining just why Lumia is the favoured tool of many a travel journalist and blogger.

So, now you know what we’re looking for and have seen some example of some great travel photography, why not get shooting. We look forward to seeing your fab photos soon. May the best Lumia travel photographer win!

Image credit: Joel Willans