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June 24, 2015

Useful email tricks for your Lumia

Whether you use your Lumia smartphone for work or play, here’s how you can make the most out of your email.

You may know that Lumia’s default email client allows you to use multiple (third party) email accounts. But whatyou may have missed are some amazing features that your email offers.

For example, did you know that you can share PDFs, Word documents or Excel spreadsheets to your email right from the Office Hub?

Here are eight things you may not have known about your email.

Disable images to deter spammers

To protect yourself from possible spam messages, remove images attached to email messages. This helps to keep your email address undetected by spammers and prevents you from accidentally clicking malicious links.

To do this, head to your mail inbox, tap the more (…) icon and select settings. Toggle the “always download full message and Internet images” to switch off.

If you want to see images in an email sent from a trusted contact, tap “download images.”

Prioritize your email

By default, all emails are sent with “Normal Priority.” But sometimes you need to send an email with a high priority marker. Don’t worry; your Lumia smartphone lets you do that.

To let your recipient(s) understand the urgency of your email, tap compose the new (+) icon to open the email editor. Next, tap the more (…) icon and select priority. Choose from high, normal or low.

autoSet a vacation responder

You can set an automated reply while out of office or on leave to let coworkers and friends know that you are not accessing your email.

To do this, head to your mail inbox, tap the more (…) icon and select settings. Choose automatic replies, turn on the toggle switch, and type your reply. That’s it! Enjoy your vacation.

Change your signature

Let people know that you’re replying to and sending email on the go by creating a Lumia-specific signature.

Head to your mail inbox, tap the more (…) icon and select settings. Turn on the toggle switch to activate signature and type your mobile signature. By default, it says, “Sent from my Windows Phone.”

Link email accounts 

You can link as many inboxes as you’d like on your Lumia, allowing you to see and respond to your emails from the same inbox.

auto replies

To link inboxes, head to your email account you want to link to and tap the more (…) icon. Now, select “link inboxes” and choose the inboxes you want to link. Once completed, they’ll move into the “This inbox” list.

You can also rename this linked inbox by deleting the existing name. That’s it! Your newly linked inbox tile will appear on you Start Screen now.

Sync specific folders

By default, your Lumia or other Windows Phone automatically syncs your email. However, if your phone is running on battery saver mode or if you’re about to exhaust your data plan, select just the folders you absolutely need to sync.

To do this, head to your email inbox, tap the more (…) icon and select folders. Now, select the folder you want to stop synchronizing. Tap more (…) icon and choose “don’t sync this folder.”

You can repeat this for all folders such as sent mail, bin, and deleted items or sent items.

Forward email

There are times when you may be too busy to reply to queries. Before you forward to a co-worker a document that was attached to an email, don’t forget to first download it on your Lumia.

link email

If you don’t want to forward an attachment, you can remove it before sending a message.

Group messages by conversation

If you turn on the conversations view in your email inbox, all emails with a common subject are grouped together, and they can be expanded or collapsed for easy viewing

To do this, head to your email inbox, tap the more (…) icon and select settings. Select to the toggle switch to turn the “conversations” on or off.