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June 25, 2015

Make photo and video collages with the PicPlayPost app

Whether you’re a beach-goer or prefer hiking in the mountains, your Lumia smartphone such as the Lumia 640 XL or the Lumia 540 helps you record your experiences with ease.  Turn your photos into fun photo and video collages with the new PicPlayPost app for Windows Phone.

If you happen to come across multiple photos or videos in a single post like these here and here, chances are they were created using this app.

Unlike other collage-creation apps, PicPlayPost lets you add videos, photos and GIFs into a single collage. Add your favorite moments from the photos stored in your OneDrive, camera roll or videos on your Lumia.

Choose from 48 frames, 72 background patterns and customizable borders. Up to six photos and videos (up to one minute each) can be added to a single collage. Select a frame and the image or video and rotate or flip until you’re happy with the flow. Then, add a collage soundtrack by selecting a song from your music* folder or OneDrive collection.

Speed up or slow down the duration of your collage, or let the app select the default timing depending on the length of the videos selected.

Preview your creation before adding a watermark to finalize it. Then you can share your collage on social networking sites or email them to family and friends.


Here are some pointers to help you make the best collage:

1) Photo selection is crucial

Have a healthy mix of images. Choose some wide-angle shots to show an entire scene and some close-ups to show the action and personality of your subject. However, avoid cluttering your collage with too many photos.

2) Develop a theme

Build your collage around a central idea or image, like a recent vacation.

3) Add videos with consideration

If you add more than one video to your collage, make sure that the videos don’t have too much action. Otherwise, your collage can be too busy and distracting, and the intended meaning could be lost.

4) Add a watermark

Own your masterpiece by adding your name or initials before sharing it on social media.

Here’s my first PicPlayPost collage.

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Have you used PicPlayPost yet? If so, show us your best collages below. If you haven’t, download the app here and then wow us with your creations!

*For legal reasons, only use DRM-free music or tones.