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June 25, 2015

Discover 10 cool things to do in summer with your smartphone

The sun has finally put its hat on and it’s coming out to play! But still need some help thinking of cool things to do in summer? Never fear, your Lumia is here! 

We think we can all agree that summer is the best season, hands down. Nothing beats long sunny days, vacation, and hanging out with friends and family. And naturally, your Lumia can be one of the best summer accessories that you can have, helping you do everything from plan a fun-filled trip to get the most out of the beautiful outdoors weather. Check out these 10 wonderful ways that your smartphone can help you discover things to do in summer — we hope you’ll get a little inspiration to make this your best summer ever.

1. Summertime means travel time

Whether you want to travel to another continent, take a road trip, or take a short break with a weekend getaway, there are tons of apps in the Windows Phone Store that can help get you on your way. Expedia’s app is a great place to start, letting you buy airline tickets, rent a car, and book a hotel room.

things to do in summer

2. Find some summer tunes

Summer hits are an essential part of summer fun. Whether you’re favorite music app is Spotify, Xbox Music, or Audiotica, a good summer playlist can be the perfect addition to the season.

things to do this summer

3. Get started on some DIY projects

It’s the perfect time of year to get crafty or knock out a few DIY tasks around the home. Instructables is the place to go to discover creative DIY projects, with instructions teaching you how to do everything from home repair to crafts.


things to do in summer

4. Enjoy the outdoors

Summer is short, so get outdoors and enjoy the gorgeous weather while you can. Weather apps such as Blue Skies and Weather Pro can help you plan your outings, and one of the many health and fitness apps can get you in tip-top summer shape. For a little outdoor adventuring, check out Geocaching Live, Outdoor Navigation, or Hike & Bike.

things to do in summer
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5. Get cultured

Whether you’re exploring an exciting new city or hoping to discover hidden cultural gems in your own area, there’s a good chance there’s some amazing art nearby. City Art Search helps you find famous artworks near your current location, letting you see which museum or gallery they are housed in.

things to do in summer
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6. Host a dinner party

Indoors or outdoors, formal or informal — it doesn’t matter what your preference is. What matters is spending time with the people you care about and enjoying a delicious meal together. Check out AllRecipes to find the perfect meal and Vivino Wine Scanner to find a wine that really brings out the best in your dinner. If you want a little help with breaking the ice, party game apps such as Guess! can get things going.

things to do in summer
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7. Photograph your spectacular summer

We all know our Lumias are at the top of the game when it comes to photography, there’s no doubt about it. So why not put that camera to use and take as many photos as you can this season? Summer is filled with beautiful sunsets, smiling people, and maybe even a few exotic locales, perfect for honing your photo skills. There’s no shortage of top-notch photo apps in the Store to do some editing afterwards.

things to do this summer


8. Work on your summer reading list

When you have a smartphone at hand, there’s no excuse for ignoring that ever-growing reading list. Check out apps such as Amazon Kindle or Bookviser Reader to read everything from beach reads to classics right on your Lumia. If it’s audiobooks that you love most, Audible for Windows Phone can help you out.

things to do in summer

9. Learn a language

How many times have you thought about learning a new language, and then quickly forgot about it in your daily hustle and bustle? This is marvellous thing to do in summer when you have a ton of time on your hands. So why not kick back and get that brain working with Duolingo, which has a wide variety of linguistic options to choose from. Give it a try, especially if you plan on doing some traveling this season.

things to do in summer


10. Make a scrapbook to remember your summer

With all of these fantastic things you’ll be doing this summer, you’ll want a good way to remember everything. A scrapbook of your photos and memories just might become one of your most treasured items in the future. You can make digital scrapbooks using apps such as Phototastic Collage and PicPlayPost, or create a beautiful, tangible scrapbook with a few tips from scrapbooking guru Celine Navarro.


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Hope this list of things to do this summer gave you some idea. If you’ve got more way of using your Lumia for summer fun this year, we’d love to hear about them.  In the meantime, get out there and make the most of the best season of the year!