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June 30, 2015

How Nasir Chandwale increases efficiency with his Lumia and other Microsoft devices

Business exec, fitness freak, and Microsoft lover Nasir Chandwale swears by his Surface Pro 1, Microsoft Band, and Microsoft Lumia 920 to not only optimize his work life, but also journal his daily life and more.

nasir on phone

Nasir’s first cell phone was a HTC, running Windows Phone 7.

“I like to keep a dedicated high-end phone for work, and since Windows OS is more stable and offers better performance than other phones, I decided to upgrade to Lumia 920 three years back.”

Nasir is often asked about his stylish phone and receives compliments because of its unique form factor.

Work and productivity

As a top boss for a major IT company, Nasir uses his Lumia to stay up-to-date on his projects via Skype and schedule meetings and collaborate with his team on the go using SharePoint.

nasir working

He is a big fan of Microsoft Screen Sharing, too. 

“I quickly review my documents, share them with my team, and show presentations from my phone using Screen Sharing.”

Nasir also uses his Surface Pro 1 for work and responds to clients while traveling.

“I needed something which was as powerful as a laptop, but in the form of a tablet and Surface Pro 1 offered me everything. It is easy to carry and helps me stay connected and manage my projects on the move.”

Nasir swears by his Lumia and its suite of productivity apps and built-in Office feature. On his way to and from work, he plays World Cricket Championship (free) and Temple Run 2 (free), and makes full use of the Lumia camera by using it to scan business receipts from his various travels.

“I travel a lot so I use the HandyScan app to store all expenses and important documents on OneDrive and sort my finances on the way.”

Interacting with friends on Facebook (free) and peers on LinkedIn (free) helps Nasir stay connected while traveling.

“I like the integrated ecosystem Windows Phone provides where you can share photos and updates easily on all social networking platforms with one tap.”

Technology and fitness freak

An early adopter of Microsoft products, Nasir said his love for gadgets and technology began after college. After completing his engineering program, he joined an IT company that deals in Microsoft technologies for application and product development.

He was one of the first buyers of the Zune media player in India and also bought his Microsoft Band and Surface Pro 1 while traveling abroad.

“Microsoft Band has a lot of features related to health and fitness. I have paired it with my Lumia to track my sleep patterns, read texts, and screen calls during meetings. With my Band on, I just flip my hand and take a secret peek to check the time and notifications on my Lumia without being noticed.”

Thanks to his Band, he is better aware of his sleep patterns, too. He gets 30-40 minutes of restful sleep a night and it takes him around 20 minutes to fall asleep.

Reading and photography

Nasir reads a lot of books on his Lumia (without strain) due to its large screen and sunlight readability mode.

Because of its versatility, he wants to start blogging from his Lumia as well.

“I am adventurous and love to explore unknown destinations and click photos with my Lumia.”

Nasir also uses his Lumia to video chat with friends on Skype to organize get-togethers and shopping sprees. He also uses Windows Phone apps such as Unit Converter (free), IO3: Automatic Replies (free), and OneDrive (free) regularly on his Lumia.

Nasir has been using his Lumia 920 for three years, but is now eyeing the Lumia 640 XL.

How does your Lumia help increase your productivity? Share with us how you #achievemore in the comments below.