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Lumia Voices
June 30, 2015

Mihai Cristian Andrei: Why I switched from an iPhone 6 to a Lumia 930

Life is full of challenging choices, so it’s no surprise that sometimes we have a tough time making the right ones.


Happily, life is also full of opportunities to change our minds when things don’t quite go to plan. One man who did just that recently is Mihai Cristian Andrei. Mihai considers himself “a designer by mind and a photographer by heart”. A while back he bought himself a much-hyped iPhone 6. However, after 5 short months he decided it simply didn’t do it for him and instead switched to a Lumia 930. Needless to say, we were keen to hear what it was that changed his mind, so Mihai kindly shared his five reasons. To find out what they are read on. Over to you, Mihai.

Everyone has a weak spot and mine is smartphones. I’ve been searching for that “one” device to suit my needs for quite some time now and trust me I have a lot on my daily list. As a web designer and photographer, you have to rely on your phone most of the time when it comes to efficiency, productivity, a nd quality. I was using the iPhone 6 as my daily driver for five months when I decided to to switch to a Lumia 930. I knew I was throwing away a very acclaimed product, but I felt that a Windows Phone could actually be better for me and oh boy was I right. Maybe you are wondering why, so here are my five reasons.

switchtoLumia1. Live tiles home screen

Having a home screen that literally comes alive and it’s customizable in every unique way with infinite possibilities was a strong start point. I was fascinated from a design perspective how every single app can provide you important information without annoying your visual day-to-day comfort. It’s essential for me to know the highlights are there every time I unlock my phone. It’s something that the iPhone could never do.


2. A consistent look

As a designer, I’m especially keen on attention to detail. I like to feel comfortable when surfing an OS ecosystem. What’s more, I adore an elegant and simple but efficient design with a unified look to its apps and menus, practically a mobile platform that’s consistent and recognizable such as Windows Phone.

switchtoLumia3. Cortana

When you are dealing with a lot of appointments and wedding planning you need to have a clever companion that’s always there for you and reminds you all sort of things. I found that Cortana is without a doubt the first real digital assistant. She is always listening and anticipating my needs. For instance, if I receive an email or a text from a client that says “we should meet this Monday”, she automatically highlights the day and when I click on it the reminder is already created. Also if I need to inform a client of something next time I speak with him I can tell Cortana and she will remind me to do that discreetly on my screen next time I call them. Yet another clever thing about Cortana is its “Notebook” feature, a place that contains notes about me; what I like to do; my family; my favorite places to eat, and so on. Cortana uses this information (if I agree, of course) to give me more accurate results. Aside from that Cortana can sing, tell good jokes, recognize a song for you and tons more cool stuffs. How about that, Siri?

4. The camera

This is definitely one of the main reasons I switched to Lumia 930. As a photographer you know the best camera is the one you have with you. I found myself in a lot of situations when I was missing my DSLR and wanted to capture a moment. Of course I could also do that with the iPhone 6 but sometimes it’s about the distance and the quality of the shot. The iPhone’s 8MP camera just can’t match a 20MP 1/2.5′ sensor, Pureview Technology with Zeiss lenses and 2x lossless digital zoom, plus optical image stabilization. Also if I spotted some great scenery at night, it was better to just try and remember it because the iPhone really doesn’t work in low light. That isn’t the case with Lumia 930 because of its manual controls in the Camera app. There you can adjust the shutter speed, exposure, ISO and believe me the results are stunning.


5. OneDrive

Nowadays we all have our “heads in the cloud” and we want our cloud storage platform to be as versatile and efficient as possible. In my line of work I need file backup, photo management, document editing stacked by default into my smartphone so I can use it whenever I need. With OneDrive I can securely manage all those things without any restrains a.s.a.p. I am sorry but the iCloud seems a minimalistic idea compared to OneDrive so yeah, another good reason for switching to the Lumia 930.

So there you have it, five fantastic reasons to wave goodbye to your iPhone and say a big happy hello to your Lumia. No doubt there are tons more reasons, so if you’ve made the switch we’d love to hear why