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July 2, 2015

Our top 10 new Windows Phone games of June

The 10 best new Windows Phone games of June, all in one place.

There are plenty of exciting things to do in summer, but kicking back with a few good games just might be one of the best ways to spend your down time. We’ve been tapping, racing, and swiping all month long in our quest to discover the best games that you’ll love the most. Read on to find out which ones we’ve chosen as the top new Windows Phone games of June.

94% (free)

Are you a fan of Family Feud? 94% is a fun game with a similar premise: it gives you a prompt such as “Something you eat with your hands” and it’s up to you to come up with the answer that you think is most popular. The game is a joint effort from Scimob and 6Studio, so you know you can expect good entertainment. 94% is 100% free, so give it a whirl — you’ll be surprised by the answers the majority come up with!

94 Windows Phone game

One More Line (free)

If you love challenging games with simple mechanics, One More Line is right up your alley. The goal of the game is to guide your space ship and its rainbow trail as far as you can, avoiding obstacles by tapping and holding to latch on to whatever blocks your path, spinning around, and releasing just right in order to keep moving upwards. But just a warning: this colorful little game from SMG Studio is highly addictive, and the space disco music is sure to get you grooving.

One More Line, Windows Phone

Lines the Game ($2.99)

If it’s an “abstract ‘zen’ game experience” that you’re after, give Lines the Game a try. Developed by Gamious and published by Game Troopers, this relaxing puzzle game is perfect for summer. There are over 250 unique puzzles to conquer, which you do by placing or removing dots on a line-drawn image. Colors will begin to fill the drawing, and the one that covers the most ground wins. Best of all, Lines the Game has Xbox integration, with 20 achievements for you to aim for.

Lines the Game, Windows Phone

Crime Coast (free)

Do you have what it takes to be the number one Crime King? Crime Coast is a city builder that pits you against your fellow criminals, letting you scheme and fight it out in hopes of becoming the coast’s top mafioso. Build and defend your city, recruit henchmen, and raid rival cities in this entertaining game that gives both city builders and crime-based games a lighthearted twist. Crime Coast is published by Pixel Squad and is free to play.

Crime Coast, Windows Phone

What in the World? (free)

Just in case Lines wasn’t enough for you, Game Troopers brought us another great game earlier in June that’s sure to keep your brain busy. What in the World is a quiz game in which you guess what something is based on images. What in the World features both Cortana and Live Tiles support, as well as Xbox integration to boost your gamerscore.

What in the World?

Siegefall (free)

Siegefall is Gameloft’s latest MMORPG, set in a fantasy world filled with castles, heroes, and (of course), war. So what sets Siegefall apart from the many other similar games? Well, there are a few twists that help to keep things fresh — you can collect Magical Cards that give you boosts during battle, and you’re also in direct control of your hero. Siegefall is free to play, so be sure to check it out if you’re fan of strategy multiplayer games.

Siegefall, Windows Phone

QuizUp (free)

Put on your thinking cap and get ready to challenge yourself, because one of the best quiz games has landed on Windows Phone. QuizUp is a trivia game that will have you mentally squaring off against friends and strangers. With tons of questions in diverse topics, you’re going to be proving your knowledge in no time — whether it’s pop culture topics such as The Simpsons or world geography that you’re interested in. QuizUp’s bonus social element takes trivia a step further, with topic-based communities that let you mingle with like-minded trivia lovers.

QuizUp Windows Phone

Monkey Labour ($1.99)

Robots, crazy monkeys, and awesome retro gaming — what more could you want? Monkey Labour, ported over using Automagical, is not only a ton of fun, but this throwback to the Nintendo Game & Watch games of yore will give you a hefty dose of gaming nostalgia. Help Mobot feed the furnace with blocks as you dodge damage from the crazy monkey, and be sure to see what happens when you press the screen just like in the good ole days.

Monkey Labour Windows Phone

Inside Out Thought Bubbles (free)

Inside Out is Disney-Pixar’s latest summer smash film, featuring a young girl named Riley and her personified emotions — and if your kids loved the film, there’s a good chance they’ll love the game just as much. Inside Out Thought Bubbles is a bubble-shooter, featuring Riley and her emotions, with match and shoot play. You can travel to unique locations inspired by the film, unlock characters, and much more in this entertaining time-killer that’s perfect for summer break.

Inside Out Thought Bubbles

Party Gods ($1.99)

Party animals, grab your dancing shoes! Party Gods is a rhythm-based game that will have you dancing the night away and partying as hard as you can. Your goal as a party animal is to protect your dancing spot from the bunnies that want to steal it. How do you do this? By keeping the beat, of course. Just tap on the beat to keep on dancing, and keep that perfect spot all to yourself. Party Gods, published by Chopsticks, costs $1.99 with the option to try before you buy.

Party Gods Windows Phone

From relaxing games to games that make you grit your teeth, we think this month’s best new Windows Phone games is a mighty fine group. What do you think? Let us know in the comments which of these games you’ve been playing the most and why.