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July 3, 2015

Games updated for 4th of July weekend

If you’re celebrating Independence Day in the U.S. this weekend, enjoy these red-white-and-blue makeovers for some of your favorite Lumia games.

Even if you don’t live in the U.S., you can still get a taste of the 4th of July holiday on your Lumia.

Seven different games for Windows Phone have been updated to celebrate the all-American event. From fireworks and flags to depictions of the star-spangled Uncle Sam, the patriotic shenanigans may leave you craving hot dogs and apple pie.

Play them soon, though. These Americana-themed updates won’t last long!

BODY_Doodle-God-PlanetDoodle God: Planet (free)
In case the Uncle Sam top hat in the icon wasn’t a clue, “Doodle God: Planet” is celebrating the 4th of July with new ice cream- and fireworks-themed puzzles that add up to two hours of bonus content.

2020: My Country (free)
Aliens have landed and are threatening to ruin Independence Day for your citizens in this futuristic city-building game. Sparkling fireworks and American flags are flying high in Independence Square this weekend as you try to figure out a way to drive off these freedom-hating aliens.

Complete all “Independence Day” ventures to earn 50 CountryBucks!


Airport City (free)
Three new all-American collections–with items arriving via American flights, of course—have been added to this airport-themed strategy builder game.


Big Business Deluxe (free)
Help intergalactic police catch the escaped astro-criminals in this economic strategy game. Battle aliens and tripods, and reclaim stolen valuables to exchange them for a unique Independence Day-themed building.


Cloud Raiders (free)
Speed potions, additional boosts, and a special sale will be offered to double all purchases to celebrate the 4th of July holiday in this action strategy game.


Mirrors of Albion (free)
All the nationals of Albion are celebrating Independence Day in this engaging hidden-object game. Explore the new Freedom Square location and make your own fireworks show.


Transport Empire (free)
Get a new Independence Day-themed train engine for a limited time in this popular train tycoon game.


Which holiday from around the world would you like to celebrate in a game? Tell us your answer in the comments below.