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July 3, 2015

Poll: Which Windows Phone apps do you use the most?

Recent research on mobile behavior suggests that 85 percent of smartphone users only use five apps on any given day. Do you agree?


The ever-expanding Windows Store is buzzing with apps, and there is an app to fit almost every need.

Do you use a lot of imaging apps on your Microsoft Lumia 640 XL? Are you a social media junkie? Or are you a busy executive or student?

Take our poll and share with us the most indispensable and popular Windows Phone apps on your Lumia.

We’ll gather all the votes in about a week’s time and share the results.

Poll 1: Social apps (select one from this section)

Poll 2: Instant messaging apps  (select one from this section)

Poll 3: Productivity apps  (select one from this section)

Poll 4: Imaging apps  (select one from this section)

Poll 5: Others  (select one from this section)

Make your vote count!

Are there any apps you use every day that aren’t included above? Tell us which ones in the comments below.