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July 5, 2015

Our 5 best new Windows Phone apps of the week

Each week, we watch the Windows Phone Store like hawks to find the best new Windows Phone apps. What have we found this week?

Tons of exciting new apps, of course! From all of the shiny new gems, we’ve chosen the five that we think you will get the biggest kick out of, whether you’re looking for something to help you get organized, get creative, or get things cooking in the kitchen. Read on to discover which we’ve chosen as the best new apps for Windows Phone.

Autodesk Pixlr

What is it: an image editing tool

Why we love it: Sure, we aren’t hurting for image editing tools for our Lumias. But when it comes to apps, we say the more the merrier. Autodesk, the publisher of many popular creative apps, has made its image editing app Pixlr available for Windows Phone, giving you access to features such as quick fixes like crop and straighten, auto fixes to balance color, and various other days to use modifications. They’ve also recently released 123D Catch, a cool app for turning photos into 3D models.

Who it’s perfect for: photographers and creatives

Autodesk Pixlr Windows Phone



What is it: a note-taking app designed for business meetings

Why we love it: Are you slowing down important meetings with your shoddy note-taking? InstaNote, one of the latest projects from the experimental Microsoft Garage, is here to help. InstaNote lets you capture and transcribe the last 30 seconds of audio with one touch, making it easy to get down important things without rushed scribbling or tapping, or having to record the entire meeting. Your notes can also be emailed or auto-sent to OneNote, making organization a breeze.

Who it’s perfect for: people who hate to take notes

InstaNote Windows Phone



What is it: a recipe app

Why we love it: Yummly gave us the lite version of its recipe-finding app last year with the promise of a full native app in the future — and now that full native app is here. Yummly’s new Windows Phone app has a ton of features for food-makers and food-eaters alike, such as a highly usable search to fine-tune what type of recipe you’re looking for (you can filter by cuisine, taste, diet, allergy, cook time, technique, and more), recipes from the best sites and blogs, and integration with Health to get nutrition information.

Who it’s perfect for: food lovers stuck in a food rut

Yummly Windows Phone


Eyefi Mobi

What is it: the companion app for Eyefi Mobi memory cards

Why we love it: Eyefi Mobi cards are a popular buy with photographers and anyone who wants to transfer media files from camera to devices using Wi-Fi. With this new addition to the store, you can transfer photos from your DLSR, view EXIF data, and keep all of your photos across devices in one place. If you sign up for Eyefi Cloud, you can get instant access to the photos you take and organize your photos with Smart Tags to make them easily searchable.

Who it’s perfect for: photographers who use multiple cameras

Eyefi Mobi Windows Phone



What is it: an app for call waiting and call forwarding preferences

Why we love it: Calls+ is a simple little app that lets you enable call waiting and set up call forwarding preferences. After you download Calls+, head over to Settings to get started. You can then configure calls to be forwarded in certain instances, such as when you don’t answer or are busy. Easy!

Who it’s perfect for: busy people

As always, we’d love to hear what you think of this week’s selection. Let us know in the comments below, and share your own finds with us.

Image credit: Russ Morris