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July 6, 2015

InMind VR: Experience the world of Virtual Reality on your Lumia

Get the ultimate immersive experience and play out your fantasies in InMind VR, the first virtual reality game for Windows Phone.

We don’t need to remind you how your Lumias such as the Lumia 540 Dual SIM or the Lumia 640 XL are the perfect gaming machines. So, get ready to experience a brand-new world of virtual reality on your smartphone.


So, how does this technology work?

A number of our Lumia smartphones come with different sensors such as gyroscope and accelerometer that measure a phone’s movement as well as motions such as moving your head. Pair your Lumia with a virtual reality headset or a similar viewer and you are ready to get started.

The tool: virtual reality headset

A range of virtual reality headsets is available and you can even build your own viewer with the help of this video. We used the ARCHOS VR Glasses for this demo, hooking a Lumia 830 inside its hood.

Before you strap the goggles onto your head, make sure your Lumia fits perfectly in the requisite slot. Next, tap the InMind VR game to start playing!

The gameplay


Take an adventurous journey into the human brain and hunt for faulty neurons in InMind VR. In this free game, you see nerve cells, cytoplasm, tubes and other micro particles closely in three-dimensional view.

Gently nod your head to begin the game and soon you are floating inside the brain of the patient, Mrs. Jane Smith. Your mission is to identify the diseased neurons (red in color). Move or tilt your head toward a neuron to lock in and destroy it.

The action intensifies when a chain reaction of neurons results in increased hazard levels that require you to act fast. A counter on the bottom of the screen shows the number of neurons you have terminated.

As you complete the tasks or reach the target, the game rewards you with a “good job human” message on the screen of your Lumia. You also receive stars based on your performance, with five stars for outstanding achievement.

I blasted 40 neurons and got four stars!

Have you played a virtual reality game before? Share your experiences of the game in the comments below.