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Lumia Voices
July 6, 2015

Technology talks! Why Connects is changing to Lumia Voices

It’s nine years old and has tens of thousands of fans worldwide.

No, we’re not talking about the latest pop idol. We’re talking about Connects, the Lumia community program you hopefully all know and love. Originally started by us reaching out to fans and influencers to ask whether they’d like to trial some top tech, the program has expanded beyond our wildest dreams.

LumiaVoicesStunning stories every day

The trials are, of course, still core to what we do. However, Connects has become much, much more than that. Now, not only do we give countless people their first taste of our tech, but we’ve also become a platform to celebrate this fantastic community in a myriad of wonderful ways. From providing a voice and showcasing your expertise on our channels to hosting events, which bring people together in the real world. Here, on Conversations, we do our bit every single day by publicizing the amazing ways you use your smartphones. Whether it’s photographers developing new genres, artists sharing their skills, musicians creating top tunes or moviemakers reinventing filmmaking, we feature it. Our aim has always been, and always will be, to give you an opportunity to express yourself, and a voice to shout your enthusiasm loud and proud. As Bosola Ajenifuja, our Global Advocacy Manager says:

“The past couple of years it’s been really important for us to bring together people from really diverse backgrounds. We now include photographers, artists and explorers in the program – really anyone who is doing something inspiring and helping to push the boundaries of what can be achieved with our devices”.

LumiaVoicesLet’s talk tech

It’s this passion that has powered the Connects program and has been the driving force behind it getting bigger and better. Now, from today, our exciting journey continues and we’re set to become an officially verified Microsoft channel, with a brand new name that reflects both our proud history and our exciting future. So please wave goodbye to Connects and say a happy hello to Lumia Voices. Why Lumia Voices? What better person to answer this than Bosola herself .

“We really wanted a name that stood for what the program is truly about, which is the voice and spirit of our community. For us the program is about getting the devices into the hands of people who have stories to tell, and supporting those stories through the technology we can provide.”

Achieving more together

Of course sharing our devices with you is only worthwhile because of the amazing response it generates. We’re constantly inspired by the things you do with our technology and the way the community supports its members to achieve more. There’s a huge appreciation for this within Microsoft and it’s something that makes us very proud. So, while the name is changing, everything that made the program so successful in the first place will only get bigger and better. And if you’re one of the tens of thousands of people worldwide who have joined us on this amazing journey, Bosola, and all of us involved in Lumia Voices, would like to say a massive thank you. We’re all very much looking forward to the next nine years. Here’s to hearing thousands more voices along the way!