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July 13, 2015

Video: Why we love Bing

An emotional new video from the Bing team demonstrates how Bing works beautifully across Microsoft products, including Lumia.

We never thought Bing could put a lump in your throat, but that’s exactly what may happen when you watch this new video by the Bing team.

Created as a thank-you to the people who work on Bing on the search engine’s six-year anniversary, this emotional video demonstrates the seamless integration between Bing and other Microsoft products such as Windows PC, Skype, Surface tablets, and Lumia phones.

The video, “Three Generations,” is the story of a daughter who discovers she’s pregnant just as her husband ships off for a 12-month deployment. She navigates this tough time with the help of her widower father and their Microsoft devices.

What’s your favorite Bing moment? Tell us about it in the comments below.