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July 14, 2015

Play these crossword and Sudoku games on your Lumia

Do you like solving crossword and Sudoku puzzles? If so, here are some great Windows Phone games for your daily dose of word and number power.

Learn new words and phrases and sharpen your math skills with these Windows Phone apps for your Lumia.

The New York Times Crossword (free) nyt2

Play The New York Times’ daily crossword on your Lumia with this universal app. You can also access the newspaper’s last seven daily crossword puzzles on your laptop or tablet, such as Microsoft Surface, as well as on your Lumia smartphone.

A recent update to the app now offers 20 years’ worth of crosswords – that’s more than 9,000 puzzles to keep you entertained.

Tip: If you’re short on time, opt for the “mini puzzle” for a quick fix.

Sudoku (free)


Test your brain in this numbers-based logic game. Enjoy “classic” and “lightningmodes” and clear puzzles to earn power-ups and LIVE achievements. The Xbox version of this game ensures hours of fun.

Tip: Try the Sudoku Solver to learn the ropes of the puzzle.

Hangman Pro (free)

hangman 2

Correctly guess words and phrases before time’s up in Hangman Pro. Choose from categories such as geography, animals, food, phrases and others in this classic wordgame.

Clear levels to earn points and save the man from hanging!

Crossword Solver (free)

If you want to finish difficult crosswords in no time, let Crossword Solver rescue you by offering words to challenging questions.

Here’s how this app works: Type the letters you know and leave the unknown letters blank. The app will give you a list of matching words. Next, choose the one you think is closest to the description.

Do you like to play crosswords or Sudoku on your Lumia? Share your favorite apps or games in the comments below.