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July 16, 2015

Making mini-movie magic with Movie Moments

Creating mini-movies with your Lumia is simple thanks to clever imaging hardware and easy-to-use apps such as Movie Moments. Let’s show you how.

Available as a free download, Movie Moments helps you create 60-second movies complete with captions and music.

First, you’ll need to record your video. That’s step one. You can do that within the app itself, or import a video from your camera roll.

In order to get a 60-second clip, you may need to trim your video. The slider bar at the bottom makes that process easy.


Step two: Add some context. At any point during the playback preview, the caption icon (as represented by a speech bubble) that runs along the timeframe can be tapped; that’s where you enter the text to your story.

Select which type of caption style you want by swiping left or right. Options available are: Modern, Half-Tone, Facets, Chroma, Cutie, Dark, Light, Meme, and many more.


If you’d like to highlight a particular word in the caption, make use of the “emphasise” button for extra effect.

Step three, you’ll have the option to add music, by pressing next.

Movie Moments gives you the option to download a variety of songs. My favorite at the moment is “Festive.” Or, you can use your own from your collection.* Finding the right song depends on the content of the video and the mood you’re trying to convey.


Once you’ve selected your tune, select next to go to step four.

After a quick preview, take a look to make sure everything’s in place before you save your video creation. You’ll find it in the “Saved Pictures” section of your Photos Hub.

Once saved, show it to your friends and family, or with us here at Conversations.

You can share it with us in the comments section below, or by using #MovieMoments on your social channels; we’ll be on the lookout for some creative Movie Moments.

*DRM rules apply.