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July 18, 2015

Our 5 best new Windows Phone apps of the week

Every week, we share our choices for the best new Windows Phone apps and updates. But from this week onwards, we want you to voice your opinions on which is the best of the best. 

You know what that means — yeap, it’s voting time! Take a look at our picks for the best new apps that have recently hit the Windows Phone Store, and scroll down to cast your vote for the one that you love the most. Whether it’s useful or simply fun, we want to know which app made it to your Lumia. Next week, we’ll announce the winner at the start of our next round-up. So get downloading! 

Skype for Business

What is it: a communication app for business

Why we love it: Skype for Business is the new name of Lync 2013, the popular messaging app that makes it easy to get things done on the job with the help of your Windows Phone. The app features voice, video, and instant messaging, with tons of other cool options such as the ability to view content during a meeting, group conversations, and call transfers. Skype for Business brought a few new things to the table along with its new name, including enhanced security, UI changes for a more pleasant experience, and most importantly, emoticons.

Who it’s perfect for: people who love Lync

Skype for Business



What is it: an app for sharing files between devices

Why we love it: Flick is a handy little app that makes it easy to share documents, videos and images between Windows, Android, Apple and other devices. All you have to do is “flick” from your Windows Phone to the recipient’s device (which needs Flick as well). The app uses your local WiFi, and any type of file can be transferred. Features like auto-destruct and broadcast make Flick a useful app that’ll have you flicking files over to your friends in no time.

Who it’s perfect for: anyone who wants to share documents, photos, and more

Flick Windows Phone


Stick Cricket Premier League

What is it: a fun cricket game

Why we love it: Cricket season is in full swing, and now fans of the sport can get in on the action with Stick Cricket Premier League, a new addition to the Windows Phone Store from Stick Sports. Build your dream team by choosing from over 50 star players, recruit coaches, and even coax retired players to join you on your quest for cricket glory. Choose and train well, because you’ve only got 5 seasons to make your team go down in sports history. Stick Cricket is addictive and fun, and good entertainment for everyone, even those who aren’t so familiar with the sport.

Who it’s perfect for: cricket fans and game lovers

Stick Cricket


Fitbit (update)

What is it: a popular fitness app

Why we love it: If you use Fitbit, you’ll be happy to hear about the fitness app’s latest updates. The sleep-tracking function is now more in-depth, letting you add goals and view a sleep chart so you can keep an eye on your patterns. Challenges have been updated with new trophies and awards, and you can also now share badges on social media.

Who it’s perfect for: Fitbit fans

Fitbit Windows Phone



What is it: a simple calculator app

Why we love it: 10Calc is a new calculator app that offers a variety of functions and calculator types. You can select the type of calculator to suit your needs, such as a Programmer’s Calculator, Scientific Calculator, or Unorthodox Calculator. You can also do unit conversions, customize themes, split a bill or calculate a tip, and much more. The free app is designed for one-handed use, and is easy to use and navigate.

Who it’s perfect for: anyone who needs more than a basic calculator


Cast your vote now and let us know which of these apps has won your heart. Don’t forget to let us know in the comments why you chose it!

Image credit: Theresa Thompson