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July 20, 2015

Why did you switch to Lumia?

Windows Phone owners shared their reasons for switching in recent Reddit threads. Now we ask Conversations readers: Why did you make the switch?


For some people, choosing a smartphone is a major life decision.

Always within reach, our smartphones are an extension of who we are. We use them to socialize, be productive at work, take photos, shop, read, research the web, play games, and, yes, even make phone calls.

So why choose a Lumia over other smartphones?

In two different Reddit threads (here and here), Redditors chimed in with their thoughts. Longtime Lumia owners will likely understand their reasons well.

Some tout the seamless integration of Windows across their PC and devices.

“I’m a [systems administrator] by trade,” said Qlaras, owner of a Lumia 635. “So I’ve got the heavy OneNote and OneDrive integration already going on. No fuss, just works.”

Others point out the simplicity of the Windows Phone experience.

“I love being able to get to my stuff quickly, while my friends with Android muddle through their phones trying to show me something,” said ResilientBanana, owner of a Lumia 920. “Same goes for Apple users. Being able to simply scroll and launch makes things quick.”

The Windows operating system is also a key selling point.


“If anyone can get an OS right, it’s Microsoft…and it appears they have,” said Debrihmi. “The expedience is fast, smooth, and bugless.”

One of the most-mentioned features was—not surprisingly—the Lumia camera. Owners of the Lumia 1020, Lumia 1520, and Lumia 640 XL marveled at how these devices excel at photography.

PluralisMajestatis, who switched to the Lumia 1020 for its camera, said this: “Came for the hardware, actually love the OS now.”

And then there were a few who never actually “switched;” their first smartphones were Lumias.

“I’m still on my first smartphone, my Lumia 920,” said LuciusNexx. “Two years seven months later, my 920 performs exactly how I need it to. I love how buttery smooth scrolling it is. I like how intuitive it is. I like how YELLOW it is.”

Now it’s your turn. Why did you become a Lumia owner?

Take our poll and we’ll let you know the top three results in a week’s time.