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July 22, 2015

How to shoot great Hyperlapse videos on your Lumia

College student and videographer Marco Bianchi loves exploring Italy on his bicycle and recording hyperlapses of his rides with his Lumia 930.

Seventeen-year old Marco stumbled upon hyperlapse videos edited with Microsoft Hyperlapse Pro while surfing the Internet. He was so impressed that he started capturing his Italian sojourns using the free Microsoft Hyperlapse app for Windows Phone on his Lumia 930.  He edits the videos using the Pro version of the software.

“The [Microsoft Hyperlapse] technology is great as it lets me capture beautiful places around Italy. If you don’t travel, you can’t appreciate things in your city,” he said. “I always find something interesting to shoot, such as the farms and valleys and other happenings around me.”

We caught up with Marco to learn more about his experiences using the Microsoft Hyperlapse app.

Video made using the Microsoft Hyperlapse app on Lumia 930

Q: What makes hyperlapse videos interesting to you?

A: I love to travel and explore new places, and always take photos and videos on my way. Hyperlapses are interesting and a unique way to show others the view of a place. Especially, when you are shooting while walking or riding.

Q: How do you shoot hyperlapses on your Lumia? How do you come up with your ideas?

A: When I am holidaying in the mountains or riding a bike, I like to shoot videos from my point of view and show the reality as I see it. While using the Microsoft Hyperlapse app, I just tap to set my focus and check for exposure and then begin to record. The screen’s left corner shows the length of the videos after its processed, I find this handy. After recording my videos, I choose the speed and process it. All of this is so easy and fast!

Video made using the Microsoft Hyperlapse app on Lumia 930

Q: Can you share some tips for shooting a perfect hyperlapse on your Lumia with and without a GoPro?

A: If you are using your Lumia, shoot your videos in full 1080p resolution at 30fps as the maximum frame rate gives you a smoother video. Next, put the focus to infinity to stop the phone’s camera from refocusing. Try to stay stable during the recording and, if possible, keep the phone level with the horizon.

Also, when shooting with a GoPro, set the settings to 1080p at 30 fps and turn off the Spot Meter to give you a more balanced exposure in the scene.

I usually mount my Lumia on my bike’s handlebars for a great view and the result is very stable. You can [also] try a head strap for your GoPro.

Video made using the Microsoft Hyperlapse app on GoPro

Q: Do you use a GoPro with your Lumia 930? 

A: [That’s] my favorite part. I use a GoPro Hero 3 edition (without LCD screen) and pair it with my Lumia 930 using the GoPro app. Using the app, I adjust the composition and other settings on my GoPro and cue the recordings from my phone. Later, I use the Microsoft Hyperlapse Pro to render those GoPro videos.

Q:   What are the top five apps you would recommend to budding videographers? 

A: First, start with Lumia Video Trimmer app, as it is a simple app. Second, try Movie Creator Beta app, which is a powerful editor and has all the features. Third, Video Tuner. Fourth, Videoshop – Video Editor. Last, the Lumia Moments app lets you extract a picture from a video.

Q: What are your tips for budding videographers who shoot with Lumia phones?

A: I would suggest shooting a lot of videos every day and editing them. Use apps like Movie Creator Beta and experiment with music and effects. Try using the surround-sound audio of your Lumia.

Q: What do you do in your spare time besides shooting videos?

A: If I am not clicking nature photos, I ride my mountain bike and visit nearby cities.

Thanks a lot for talking to us, Marco.

Have you shot a video using Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile on your Lumia? Share your creations in the comments below or, if you share them on social media, tag your video with #MSHyperlapse.