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July 24, 2015

Act fast: Game Troopers games on sale for limited time

In-app purchases in popular Windows Phone games such as “Overkill 3,” “Monster Go,” and “Tiny Troopers” are discounted through August 6.

Big savings await players of five blockbuster games from publisher Game Troopers for the next two weeks.

From now through August 6, save up to 33 percent off the price of select in-game purchases in the free games “Make It Rain,” “Tiny Troopers,” “Overkill 3,” “Monster Go,” and “What in the World.”

Here’s what you can expect:

Make It Rain: The Love of Money
The premise is easy: the faster you swipe, the more you earn. With a recent update, the game offers new investments to earn big payoffs and new Golden Minute leaderboards that tally up who has the fastest fingers. Your progress is now also saved across the Windows world via the cloud.


Sample discounts:

Insane Blast—Gives 60 hours of production
Sale price: $13.99 USD (was $19.99 USD)

Forever Gold—All swipes give x20 forever
Sale price: $33.99 USD (was $49.99 USD)

Cash Blast—Gives three hours of production
Sale price: $1.49 USD (was $1.99 USD)

Bribes x25—You get 25 bribes to avoid FBI
Sale price: $1.49 USD (was $1.99 USD)

100UDS Note—A skin for the bills
Sale price: $2.49 USD (was $2.99 USD)

Tiny Troopers
This action-adventure features mini men-of-war ready to fight in battle zones just about anywhere. You’re in control of three highly trained troopers as they blow up buildings, slaughter enemies, and escort journalists through war zones.


Sample discounts:

Starter Pack—Sale price: $1.99 USD (was $2.49 USD)
7 Medals—Sale price: $1.49 USD (was $1.99 USD)
Double XP—Sale price: $1.49 USD (was $1.99 USD)
Double CP—Sale price: $1.49 USD (was $1.99 USD)
5,000,000 CP—Sale price: $13.99 USD (was $20.99 USD)

Overkill 3
This thrilling, third-person shooter just added more features to keep the adventures going. As leader of the Resistance, you’ll continue to battle the evil Faction forces and their brutal killing machines. But now, the game is even more challenging with fresh waves of enemies and a new Endless Mode.


Sample discounts:

Support Pack—Sale price: $1.49 USD (was $1.99 USD)
Starter Pack—Sale price: $3.49 USD (was $4.99 USD)
Sniper Pack—Sale price: $3.49 USD (was $4.99 USD)
Shotgun Pack—Sale price: $2.99 USD (was $3.99 USD)
90 Medals—Sale price: $1.99 USD (was $2.99 USD)
$22,000 Cash—Sale price: $1.99 USD (was $2.99 USD)

Monster GO!
From Adventurer to Gunslinger, the ragged, rough-and-ready characters of this RPG-endless runner game race through multiple levels and worlds while battling deceptively cute enemies. Pick your monsters, manage their skills, outfit them with armor and weapons, and see them evolve during battle.


Sample discounts:

10, 500 coins—Sale price: $1.49 USD (was $1.99 USD)
17, 500 coins—Sale price: $2.49 USD (was $2.99 USD)
28, 800 coins—Sale price: $3.49 USD (was $4.99 USD)
42,000 coins—Sale price: $4.99 USD (was $6.99 USD)
162,500 coins—Sale price: $16.99 USD (was $24.99 USD)
350,000 coins—Sale price: $33.99 USD (was $49.99 USD)

What in the World?
This addictive quiz game lets you guess hundreds of celebrities, characters, logos, countries, TV shows, movies, and more based on pictures. Compete online against friends to see who can get the most correct answers.


Sample discounts:

10 Hints—Sale price: $1.49 USD (was $1.99 USD)
100 Hints—Sale price: $9.99 USD (was $14.99 USD)
400 Hints—Sale price: $33.99 USD (was $49.99 USD)
15 Remove Letter—Sale price: $1.49 USD (was $1.99 USD)
145 Remove Letter—Sale price: $9.99 USD (was $14.89 USD)
600 Remove Letter—Sale price: $33.99 USD (was $49.99 USD)

Which of these games do you play on your Lumia? Tell us in the comments below.