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July 29, 2015

How to blog on your Lumia

A quantity surveyor for construction sites by day and a blogger by night, the life of Victor Ng revolves around his Lumia 930.


Victor, who lives in Malaysia, has been writing about Lumia and Windows Phones on his blog BLOGJACK since 2012. He started Blogjack, a Chinese blog that reports news of Nokia, Lumia and Windows Phone, with his friend, Jack, from Hong Kong.

“What makes it special for us is that both of us do PureView photography posts and share great pictures clicked via Lumias,” Victor said.

“The [BLOGJACK] community is like a big family and I share a lot of Lumia and Windows Phone related news with them,” he added.

Victor has used many Lumias smartphones such as the Lumia 800, Lumia 920, Lumia 925, Lumia 1020 and the Lumia 1520. Today, he uses the Lumia 930 because of its beautiful design, excellent build quality and overall performance.

We recently had a chat with Victor to learn how he blogs with his Lumia.

Q: Why do you blog about Lumia and Windows Phone?

A: I have been blogging about Nokia, Lumia and Windows Phone since 2012. Since then my blog has gained many followers and readers who are Lumia enthusiasts. I love to interact with my readers exchange thoughts and opinions about tech news.

Q:  How do you blog on your Lumia 930?

A: I blog on my Lumia 930 on the go, while away from my laptop. I draft the content of my post on OneNote and use Cortana or Bing Search to find additional information when required.

If I need to translate the source of news, I copy the words and take help of the Translator app. After finalization, I update all the blog content to WordPress via the WordPress app.

I must add that because of the great features of Lumia Camera I have stopped using my DSLR for shooting product reviews and reporting other blogger events.

Q: What makes blogging on your Lumia special?

A: Gone are the days when people need a PC or a laptop to do blogging; we can do everything with our Lumia smartphone today. I enjoy blogging on the Lumia 930’s gorgeous screen. Besides that, I think Windows Phone has the best keyboard [compared with] other platforms.

Q: Why did you start blogging?

A: I am a big Nokia fan. The first Lumia came out in 2012 and I decided to blog about it. Through my blog BLOGJACK, I introduce Lumia smartphones to more people.


Q: How do you compose your photos for your blog? Do you edit them?

A: I take a photo and enhance the quality of the photo via Lumia Creative Studio. There are many useful photo editor apps such as Adobe Photoshop Express and Camera360 Sight and hence I do most of my editing on my Lumia before uploading it to my blog or social media.

Q: Where do you get ideas for your blog posts?

A: I follow official channels such as Conversations blog or similar Microsoft blogs daily to check the latest news on Lumia including new launches. Besides that, I also follow other tech portals and write my blog when I think I can offer them something new and how they could benefit from it.

Q: What are the top five apps you would recommend to budding bloggers? 

A: Firstly, WordPress as it’s a great app to start your own blog site.

Second, OneNote, as you can write your blog post or save it as draft whenever you wish, before finalization and publishing.

Third, Translator, which helps in translating news sources’ that are in foreign language.

Fourth, Cortana or Bing Search. Depending on your location, you can use the default Bing Search or Cortana to check for more information, photos or videos via the Search button.

Fifth, Lumia Camera or Lumia Creative Studio. Use the Lumia Camera to click product photos that you are reviewing and if you wish to enhance, use the Lumia Creative Studio to retain the original version.

Q: How do you use your Lumia 930 day to day? 

A: At work, I use the Lumia 930 mostly for checking emails, communicating with colleagues and my team via WhatsApp, and clicking photos of the progression of construction sites.

Further, I use OneNote to write important memos and use Cortana to set reminders. I also stay updated with news and interact with my friends via Facebook, Twitter and Weibo, and share photos of beautiful scenes clicked from my Lumia.

Thanks a lot for talking to us, Victor!