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August 6, 2015

Surface 3 is helping Infiniti retail group UK revolutionize the way people buy luxury cars


When we designed Surface 3 we really wanted to make something that people loved and they could carry around all day but still be productive. We love to hear from our customers and how they are using Surface. Infiniti retail group UK is revolutionizing the way that people buy cars in the UK and we are very proud that they have chosen Surface 3 as their device of choice. We have seen a great reaction from our customers with BASF, Emirates and Prada all adopting Surface 3 and we’re excited about the early interest we’ve seen from many others.

When I spoke to Brendan Norman from Infiniti retail group UK I could clearly hear the pride and enthusiasm that he has for Surface 3 due to its quality design and the fact that it has changed that way that his team does business.

“Surface 3 has revolutionized the way we are selling. This thing just blows away the iPad. Surface 3’s gorgeous, the cars are gorgeous, the mall is gorgeous…it all fits perfectly. Since adopting Surface 3, Infiniti retail group UK has seen a significant increase in sales from earlier in the year.”

—Brendan Norman, managing director, Infiniti Retail Group UK 

With Surface 3, Infiniti retail group UK modernizes retail

When I was recently looking at buying a car here in Seattle the car-buying experienced involved vast car lots, with loads of inventory so shoppers can see and try most (if not all) available models and features.

However, in dense cities around the UK and Western Europe, Infiniti retail group UK saw an opportunity to challenge this model. When entering the London market, they knew they wanted to provide their customers with access to options, but weren’t convinced that a large lot and limitless inventory was the only way to offer choice.

With a new retail environment in luxury shopping malls, Infiniti retail group UK chose Surface 3 to help bring the Infiniti experience to the customer and streamline the sales process in these new showroom environments. Customers can view the full car catalog on Surface 3 and tailor their order according to what features and amenities they want in their car. Sales guides can bring Surface 3 on the test drive and even use the Surface Pen to help customers complete sales paperwork. Using Surface 3 means that Infiniti can process the whole thing on one device without having to leave the car.


Step by Step

The Surface 3 is there for every step of the sales process. Right from the first time the customer steps into the showroom, to showcasing the car inside the retail space and through the test drive. Surface 3 is used to show high resolution videos and specs about the car, as well as collect customer information. Infiniti retail group UK was able to do away brochures and processing the order back at the desk on a separate computer; creating a whole new way to sell cars and create a unique customer experience.


“One of the things we love about Surface is how it enables us to provide a high value brand experience. We let the customer sit in the car, feel the car, smell the car and then on Surface 3 we show them the different options for the car and videos that really details the overall driving experience. We use Surface 3 for the whole thing.”

—Brendan Norman, managing director, Infiniti Retail Group UK 

Surface 3: The right device for the job

When the Infiniti retail group UK team were assessing different options on changing their retail model Surface came out on top for a number of reasons. Because Surface 3 runs full Windows is able to easily integrate into Infiniti’s current security system, so customer data stays safe and secure. The great battery life on Surface 3 means it is able to last throughout helping long days at Westfield, an essential feature for long days with sales reps constantly on the floor. The high resolution screen means that video’s show up crisp and clear and the pen enables the entire experience to happen from anywhere.

Infiniti retail group UK doesn’t just like Surface 3 because it works like a laptop, they also think it looks damn sexy and that the high quality materials aligns with the Infiniti brand. It’s sleek and light, functional, dynamic, modern and stylish; all characteristics that the Infiniti brand shares.

Surface 3 is helping the Infiniti retail group UK team change the face of retail and create a whole new way to do business. Using the Surface 3, Infiniti has been able to put the customer in the driver’s seat, and revolutionize how people buy cars in the UK.

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Matt Chapman

Microsoft Surface and Windows 10 fan