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Lumia Voices
August 9, 2015

Our 5 best new Windows Phone apps of the week

Welcome back to another weekly roundup of the best new Windows Phone apps and updates. Grab your Lumia and let’s start downloading!

We’ve been downloading and testing Windows Phone apps all week long, and to make things easier on you we’ve chosen five of our favorites for you to try. All you need to do is let us know which one you love the most by using the poll at the bottom of the post (never an easy feat, we know). Last week’s winner was the super YouTube client Perfect Tube, which earned a whopping 54% of the votes. Which fab app will be crowned the winner this week? Read on to learn more about our choices for the 5 best apps of the week, try them out if they catch your interest, and let us know which one has your vote.


Pic Collage (free)

What is it: an app for image editing and collages

Why we love it: You’re a creative bunch, so we thought you might enjoy this new addition that lets you create fun photo collages. Pic Collage for Windows 10 has tons of cool backgrounds and stickers, making it easy to turn those summer photos into scrapbook-worthy creations. The app also has a few editing features such as clipping, rotating, resizing, and even an ink tool. Pic Collage is free and universal, so give it a try if you’ve upgraded to 10 and are looking for a new way to get artsy with your Windows Phone.

Who it’s perfect for: Creatives using Windows 10



WiFi Monitor ($1.99)

What is it: a WiFi analyzer

Why we love it: Here’s another one for the Windows 10 users. WiFi Monitor lets you do something that wasn’t possible before: view and analyze the WiFi hotspots around you so that you can find the best channel for your network. The app can help you figure out the most suitable settings and avoid channel noise. There’s a free trial if you’d like to test it before buying, but the paid version will get you an ad-free experience, upload/download speed testing, WiFi vendor info, and direct connection within the app.

Who it’s perfect for: Windows 10 users

WiFi Monitor


Brilli Gallery Locker ($1.99)

What is it: a photo/video locker

Why we love it: Brilli Gallery goes a step beyond the average image locker. The app not only stores and protects your photos in a locker, but “automagically” deletes them from your phone’s gallery as well. The photos can then only be viewed from the app, and you won’t need to bother with manually deleting them after importing. If you’ve ever handed over your phone to a swipe-happy friend, you can probably see how this might be useful for your more…personal… photos. Other cool features include PIN access, SD card import, the option to unlock, and a fake pin just in case you need a decoy. There’s also an option for a free trial, but users should be aware that uninstalling the app will result in losing any images stored in the locker.

Who it’s perfect for: people with nosy friends

Brilli Gallery Locker


Surfy (free)

What is it: a popular browser

Why we love it: Surfy is already the top browser choice for many Windows Phone fans, and for good reason. If you haven’t given it a try just yet, now’s your chance to see what all the fuss is about without spending a single dime. That’s right, Surfy and all of its action-packed web surfing abilities is now available for free. There are too many amazing features to list everything, but some of our favorites include desktop-like tabs, optimization to reduce data usage, cool gestures like shake to refresh, and private browsing.

Who it’s perfect for: anyone in the market for a fantastic free browser



Nimbus for SoundCloud ($1.99)

What is it: a music discovery app

Why we love it: SoundCloud is a great place to discover new music. Nimbus is a new client app that gives you the SoundCloud experience, with a clean modern interface and plenty of handy features. You can explore trending music and sounds, search for tracks and artists, discover new music based on your past favorites, create playlists, and more. Nimbus currently costs $1.99 with an option to try before you buy.

Who it’s perfect for: Music lovers

Nimbus for SoundCloud


Now it’s time for a tough decision. Which of these new apps is good enough to get your vote? Be sure to let us know in the comments below why you chose your winning app!

Image credit: Terry McCombs