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August 12, 2015

How Lumia is helping Jamie Ramsay run from Canada to Argentina

“When you start to believe you can achieve anything, opportunities just present themselves.”

Jamie Ramsay 2

If anyone knows a thing or two about how to #AchieveMore, it’s Jamie Ramsay. Why’s that, you ask? Well, Jamie is probably running as you’re reading this. We’re not talking about a typical morning jog — Jamie is currently in the middle of a solo run that spans from Canada to Argentina. If that’s not enough to blow your mind, he’s also doing it for charity, with over $3,000 raised so far. Running 42km every day without rest, Jaime plans to continue his journey until January 2016.

If Jamie’s face looks familiar to you, it’s because he was one of the most recent members of our amazing community to get behind a Lumia for an Instagram Takeover. We were so inspired by Jamie’s story that we wanted to find out more about the 35-year-old British adventure runner. Originally from the Edinburgh area, Jamie worked for an International Communications Agency in London for 12 years before deciding to pursue his passions.

“Running and traveling have always been passions and last year I decided to combine the two and embark on an 18,000km solo running expedition to raise money for three great British charities.”

Jamie may be in the midst of an inspiring solo journey, but he’s not going it entirely alone. His trusty Lumia 930 is along for the run, helping Jamie to do everything from document his trip on Instagram to navigate his route. Now let’s hear from the man himself, coming to you all the way from Bugalagrande, Colombia. Read on to find out more about what inspired this endeavor, how he’s helping charities, and how his Lumia is helping him.

Jamie Ramsay 1

You’re running from Vancouver to Buenos Aires, how far along are you and how far to go?

So far I have run in 10 different countries, covering nearly 10,000km. All that stands between me and the finish line is Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile and Argentina and there are a couple of small obstacles such as the Atacama Desert and the Andes to make it more exciting!


Jamie Ramsay route

What inspired the amazing journey, and what’s your objective?

I am not sure that there was a specific moment that prompted this drastic change in environment and lifestyle. I had spent 12 years communicating other people’s success and I think part of me wanted to explore if I could take a risk and achieve something out of the ordinary. The only thing that stands between us and our dreams is our own fear. When you start to believe you can achieve anything opportunities just present themselves.

I think I have three main objectives. Firstly I want to raise as much money for my three charities as possible. Secondly, I want to achieve something that I personally can be proud of. I think I have played life quite safely up to this point and this will be that huge adventure that I can always look back on with pride and say “I did that.” And finally I’d like to show that anyone can do anything if they approach it with the right attitude.

Jamie Ramsay 3

What are the main highlights so far? I imagine you’ve experienced beautiful places and met awesome people.

So many people ask me to decide where the best place has been or what the most exciting experience has been. I know it sounds like a dodge, but I just can’t decide. Every country has had its own highlight and some of the places I have been have been either eye-openers or simply beautiful. During this trip I have swum in the Darien Gap, stayed with a local Embera community, camped on deserted beaches and ran up hills higher than Ben Nevis. Over the next 6 months, I will experience even more and that is what drives me forward every day. The one common factor that has been constant across all countries is the people. I have received the most amazing hospitality from so many people. When people see me they reach out and try and help me get to the next stage of my expedition. Without people’s generosity, I would not have been able to get to where I am today.

Jamie Ramsay 6

Which charities will be receiving the proceeds and why did you choose those in particular?


CALM is a charity that raises awareness about and prevents male suicide. Male suicide is a huge problem in the UK as it is in many other countries around the world. Our society has a tendency not to address this issue and in so many cases people don’t feel that they can ask for help when it’s so desperately needed. I’ve been touched at how many people have shared stories with me and the devastation suicide creates can be reduced if we create a system that allows people to seek the appropriate help and not be judged.

Macmillan is a charity that provides care to those affected by cancer and assistance to their families. Cancer will and does affect us all and sadly there is no escaping that harsh reality. Everyone deserved the best care available and Macmillan provide just that.


WaterAid seeks to provide clean water to the parts of the world that don’t currently have access. Water is a basic right and no one should be without direct access.

Jamie Ramsay 4

You’re using a Lumia 930 for your trip, how is it helping you achieve your goal? Which apps do you use?

My Lumia is one of the most important pieces of equipment I have with me on this expedition as it is responsible for so many different functions. Here are just a few.

Lumia Camera – My phone is my camera and sometimes my video recorder. With 16mb pixel quality, HD video and the ability to edit and share photos while on the go is essential.

File storage – I use OneDrive for all my files and photos. Photos, films, diary entries, planning materials are all backed up as I run.

Mix Radio – I spend about 6-8 hours running every day and MixRadio allows me to have a constant feed of music blasting from my small speaker.

FollowMee – I am alone and FollowMee allows my father to know where I am at every moment of every day. It is amazingly accurate and gives me that extra sense of safety.

Social Media and Blog – I use Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and have a blog called JamieIsRunning, and being able to keep them all up-to-date is so important. I have had such amazing support from friends, family and complete strangers that I feel it is important to bring them along with me on my journey and it’s my Lumia 930 that allows me to do just that.

Here Maps – I have to know where I am going and for this I use Here Maps. It’s great that I can download each country as I go and still be able to navigate when there is no signal.

Jamie Ramsay 5

Are you as amazed as we are by Jamie’s ambitious solo run? Let us know you think in the comments below. In the meantime, be sure to keep up with his journey on his Instagram feed and Twitter. You can also check out Jamie’s blog for more updates or information on how to donate.