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August 13, 2015

Back to school: Bing’s five most-searched topics about education

The Bing search engine reveals what’s on the minds of parents as they and students prepare for the new school year.


Bing on your Lumia phone is a gateway to vast stores of information on the Internet, including how to get ready for the 2015-2016 school year.

Now that it’s August, the crunch is on. The team at Bing Blogs has unveiled the topics that parents have been searching for the most on the search engine.

1. Meal planning: Leading the pack is information about how to provide healthy lunches for students.

Use Bing to search for fun and creative lunch ideas. Also, be sure to check out our guide on cooking with Lumia for more tips.

2. Expenses: Parents are focused on the cost of school uniforms and supplies, including devices like tablets.

For tips on how to shop with your Lumia for going back to school, check out our blog post here.

3. Bullying: A major concern for students these days is bullying, in-person and digitally. Bing can help you find resources online to help you talk to your kids about this problem and how to seek aid if necessary.

4. After-school care: Working parents used Bing to search for after-school care options like babysitters and transportation.

Helpful tip: If you pick up your child from school, use Cortana (available in select markets) to set pick-up and drop-off reminders with real-time traffic notifications.

5. Quality of education: Getting a jump-start on a child’s education is a prime issue for parents. Bing found that the fastest-rising trend in education searches include learning apps, educational games for kids, and online school options.

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