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August 17, 2015

How long can you survive the mirrored madness of Twins?

Bounce around two opposing worlds on your Lumia in this new arcade-style game.


Get ready to explore the dueling paths of night and day in “Twins,” a free addictive action game new to the Windows Phone app store from Game Troopers.

In the game, you control your “soul”—represented by a dot—by tapping the screen to make the dot jump between the spiky paths of light and dark. Your goal is to find its twin.

The game screen is split in into two halves: a light path and a dark path. As the world scrolls, tap the screen to jump over spikes and collect coins on one side and occasionally hop over to the other side to do the same. The competing gravities of each side make maneuvering between the two nerve-wracking.

Once you’ve found your twin soul, the game gets twice as difficult. Control both souls for as long as you can before succumbing to one of the sharp spikes in your path.

The graphics are as minimalistic as the gameplay is simple, yet “Twins” is mesmerizing to play. It’s easy to lose track of time when you get into the rhythm of diving between worlds.

“Twins” is available globally and supports multiple languages including English, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, and French. The game works on 512MB Lumias and is enabled for Xbox Live, allowing you to earn achievements.

Ready for a metaphysical gaming experience? Download “Twins” for free here or search for “Twins” in the app store on your Lumia.

How long can you last in “Twins?” Let us know your best score in the comments below.