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August 20, 2015

Video: 60-second productivity hack: Pin Spotify playlists to your Start screen

Whether you’re soaking up songs on your commute or dancing around your apartment to a little ditty, pinning Spotify to your Start screen will let you enjoy music quicker.

With the Spotify app for Windows Phone loaded on your Lumia, you’ve got access to a vast library of songs and playlists for the soundtrack of your life. One way to listen to your favorite tunes is by pinning playlists on your Start screen.

For instance, you can pin the “Your Morning Coffee” or “Sunny Day” playlists for your morning commute and the “Good Vibes” playlist when you need a mid-afternoon shot of audio energy.

Spotify comes in two flavors: free and Premium. However, you can download the app on your Lumia for free.

Have you pinned Spotify playlists to your Lumia Start screen? Which ones are you listening to?