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August 24, 2015

Go, go, go! Running Circles comes to Lumia

This totally addictive multiplayer arcade game will leave you dazed and confused…with fun!

Sometimes the games that are the most fun to play are also the simplest. Examples include the smash hit “Crossy Road” (with over 100 million players worldwide) and the frantic jumping action of “Twins.”

New to the Windows Phone app store is the free game “Running Circles,” an easy-to-play arcade experience from BoomBit Games (makers of “Bird Climb” and “Spider Square”).

Here’s the deal: Move your character around linked circles, tapping the screen at just the right time to move inside or outside each one. Travel from circle to circle collecting gold gems that you can use to unlock tons of cool new characters.

You need excellent timing and lightning-fast reflexes to get through as many circles as possible. And, hey, if the speed becomes too frenzied, you can always switch the difficulty to “easy.”

What’s unique about “Running Circles” is its multiplayer mode. You can challenge friends to online battles to see who has the fastest reaction time.

“Running Circles” supports 512MB Lumia phones and is available globally in a multitude of different languages.

Get spherical today! Download “Running Circles” for free here or search for “Running Circles” in the app store on your Lumia. This game may just be destined for a spot on your Lumia start screen.

Which is the most addictive game you’ve played on Lumia? Share your find in the comments below.