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August 26, 2015

Poll: What type of games do you play on Lumia?

From puzzle games to shooters, there’s a wide variety of game genres for Lumia smartphones. Which genre is your favorite? Take our poll and let us know.

Temple Run

Are you addicted to “Angry Birds?” Maybe you have a passion for “Temple Run.” Or perhaps you can’t go a day without playing “Frozen Free Fall.” (I’m guilty of the last one!)

Well, we want to know about it!

There are so many different types of games available for Windows Phone that it can get mind-boggling. Some people enjoy simple puzzle games that can be played in short bursts while others love role-playing games and adventures.

Here’s a quick primer on the different game genres available for your Lumia. Please note that some games cross more than one genre, such as adventure games that include hidden object gameplay. We’ve reduced each genre down to its core elements.

If you’re an expert gamer, feel free to skip ahead—just scroll down to our poll and pick the genre you play the most.

A story-based game that relies heavily on action elements, such as fighting, shooting, and climbing, to complete its challenges.

Example: “Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff”

Story is king in these games that typically focus on exploration and puzzle-solving.

Example: “9 Clues 2: The Ward”

Simple twitch-action games that are easy to play but hard to master.

Example: “Running Circles”

Modern mobile-sized takes on classic card games such as poker, solitaire, blackjack, and UNO.

Example: “UNO & Friends”

Endless Runner
This genre is exactly what it sounds like: You control a character who runs, jumps, or otherwise traverses an endless series of environments to rack up points. Example: “Temple Run”

Battle it out with your fists (and maybe weapons) against the computer or another player.

Example: “Fight Game: Rivals”

Hidden Object
Solve mysteries by locating all the objects hidden in a particular scene.

Example: “Hidden Objects: Blackstone Mysteries”

Short for massively multiplayer online, these games allow you to play in persistent worlds with hundreds, even thousands, of other players.

Example: “Order and Chaos Online”

Run and jump from platform to platform and over obstacles to advance through each level and eventually win the game.

Example: “Max & The Magic Marker”

These games emphasize puzzle-solving through pattern recognition, sequence solving, and logic.

Example: “Frozen Free Fall”

Race against the computer or other players in different types of vehicles, usually cars.

Example: “Asphalt 8: Airborne”

Role Playing
Build up a character through battle and exploration in these games typically set in fantasy universes.

Example: “Dungeon Hunter 5”

Take aim and fire at your opponents in these games that focus on marksmanship and violent competition.

Example: “Modern Combat 5: Blackout”

A game that attempts to simulate aspects of real or imaginary life, such as business, a vocation, or construction.

Example: “The Sims FreePlay”

Games that require brains over brawn as you attempt to outwit your opponent.

Example: “Plague Inc.”

Which one is your favorite to play on Lumia? Take our poll and we’ll report the results in about a week’s time.