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August 31, 2015

Update: What’s new in WhatsApp

Have you checked out the new features added to your favorite Lumia messaging app? If not, we’ve got you covered.

Whatsapp for Windows Phone

WhatsApp recently received a beefy update on Windows Phone that added a plethora of features to what you’ve already voted as your favorite messaging app on Lumia.

Here are the most noteworthy improvements:

  • Mark chats as read or unread

Keep track of the messages you’ve already seen and those you want to review later by marking them as read or unread. This can be a big help in organizing your chat logs!

  • Several new emoji! You can also tap and hold on some emoji to choose a different color.

Who doesn’t love to spice up a message with emoji? With the new update, you’ve got a ton of fun and useful emoji to add flair to your messaging.

  • Select multiple messages to forward or delete them

One of the minor annoyances in my life is manually deleting unimportant messages one-by-one. Now you can select multiple messages at once and delete them, or forward them to another one of your contacts.

  • Contact cards allow you to quickly message or save a contact if he or she uses WhatsApp

You don’t have to manually add contacts to your WhatsApp contact list anymore. The next time you get a contact card from someone who uses WhatsApp, you can save his or her details and message them quickly and easily.

  • Lower your data usage during WhatsApp calls

 To save on cellular data usage in WhatsApp calls, go into the settings section of the app and select “chats and calls.” At the bottom, you’ll find a new option to toggle on or off low data usage.

  • Enable or disable sound and vibration for in-app notifications

Go into the settings section of the app and select “notifications.” From there, you can switch off vibration, sound, or even all in-app notifications.

  • Choose a ringtone for WhatsApp calls

 Choose from four ringtones—Pure, Silk, Symmetry, and Lattice—to distinguish incoming WhatsApp calls from other phone calls. Go to the settings section of WhatsApp and select “notifications.” From there, select which ringtone suits you best in the “calls” section.

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If you use WhatsApp, what new feature is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.