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September 4, 2015

New to Lumia: LINE CubeHeroes, an exclusive new game from the makers of LINE

The creators of the LINE messaging app debut an intense puzzle game exclusively on Windows Phone.


Galaxy invaders have kidnapped your friends, and the only way to rescue them is to destroy the invaders’ obstacle cubes.

Welcome to “LINE CubeHeroes,” a new game from the developers of LINE, the free mobile messaging app. LINE users can connect to their LINE account to play the game with their friends online.

To play, you’ll turn the invading cubes vertically or horizontally—just like a Rubik’s Cube—to match three cubes. You’ve only got a limited number of moves, though, so turn wisely. Solving the cubes is the only way to bring your friends home.

Match four or five cubes to get special power cubes that can clear out an entire row or blow up all surrounding cubes.

In Battle Mode, you can rack up huge points by completing stage missions with the highest score. Skill and nerve are required to earn the most precious diamonds in the galaxy.

“LINE CubeHeroes” is simple to play, but ramps up in difficulty as you complete each level. The configurations of the cubes in later levels can get pretty creative as well.

The game supports both Live Tiles and Wide Live Tiles, so be sure to pin it to your Start screen for fast access. It’s also compatible with 512MB Lumia devices.

Rescue your friends today! Download “LINE CubeHeroes” for free here or search for “LINE CubeHeroes” in the app store on your Lumia phone.

What match-three puzzle game is your favorite? Tell us about it in the comments below.