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September 6, 2015

Our 5 best new Windows Phone apps of the week

The best of the best new Windows Phone apps, right here for your reading pleasure. Ready to find out what we have for you?

As usual, this week’s chosen 5 best new Windows Phone apps include new apps, updates, and games that have not only hit the Windows Phone Store recently, but have made it onto our Lumias. It’s up to you to decide which one is the one and only best app of the week. Last week, you voted in photo-editing tool Instablurrr as the winner — which will it be this week?


What is it: an update prep app

Why we love it: UpdateAdvisor is a handy little app designed to get your Lumia ready for big updates. It can check whether an update is available for your phone, and help you free up space to get things ready. The app connects to the network to check for new stuff, and then suggests files (focusing on music, videos, pictures and podcasts) that you might consider moving to your SD card or OneDrive, or deleting.

Who it’s perfect for: Lumia lovers with tons of files


LINE CubeHeroes

What is it: a match-3 puzzle game

Why we love it: Do Rubik’s Cubes amaze and intrigue you? If so, you’ll probably love LINE CubeHeroes. It’s a new match-three style game in which you need to rotate cubes vertically or horizontally in order to match up 3 or more cubes. The game has Stage Mode and Battle Mode, and you can challenge friends via LINE or Facebook. This Windows Phone exclusive is free and tons of fun.

Who it’s perfect for: puzzle gamers

Line Cubeheroes


What is it: a popular file management service

Why we love it: We already have a lot of love for Dropbox and its fantastic Windows Phone app, but a few recent updates have made us love it even more. So what’s new? Well, images are now grouped by date and text can be selected in text viewer, to start with. Additionally, both the UI and startup time of the app have been improved.

Who it’s perfect for: Dropbox users


Delta Lloyd Bank Belgium

What is it: a mobile banking app

Why we love it: This app may not interest everyone in our community, but we’re always happy to see new mobile banking apps join the Store. They make life so much easier! Delta Lloyd’s new app has all of the features that make banking a breeze, such as the ability to see account balances, transfer between accounts, and pay bills. If anyone here banks with Delta Lloyd, we’d love hear your thoughts on the app.

Who it’s perfect for: Delta Lloyd clients in Belgium

Delta Lloyd Bank Belgium

Telegram Messenger

What is it: a popular messaging app

Why we love it: Telegram Messenger is a go-to app for many people looking to stay in touch with friends, and recent updates have made it bigger and better than ever. The app has not only shed its Beta status, but has received a few new features as well. There’s a new “Shared Links” section in chat info, unread badges in recent search results, the ability to get new messages in the background, improved search, and messages marked as read when offline.

Who it’s perfect for: chatters

telegram messenger

Will you be giving these apps a download? Let us know in the comments below, and be sure to cast your vote for the app you think is the best.

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