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September 7, 2015

Indie Game Spotlight Collection comes to Lumia

From “Storm of Wars” to “The Bridge,” it’s the best of indie games in our latest Indie Game Spotlight Collection.

Here at Conversations, we’re always on the lookout for great new games from our indie developers. This month, some of our recent favorites have gone into the Indie Game Spotlight Collection.

Here are a few of the featured games. Be sure to check them all out, though—there are several weird, innovative, and fun games in this collection.

Storm of Wars – Sacred Homeland (free)


An epic massively multiplayer real-time strategy experience in a world of magic and conquest, this game allows you to wage war across a sprawling map—and against millions of players worldwide.

Divine Academy (free)


“Divine Academy” offers a unique mix of strategy and simulation in which you build an ancient metropolis, develop your skills as a god, then rule your people. As a student in a university for ancient Greek deities, you’ll pass exams at the Divine Academy to get a license to cast the most powerful miracles.

Cosmo Run (free)


Survive an ever-changing playworld that turns, drops, and climbs as you attempt to follow along. Are you worthy to command the Cosmos? (This one is so strange and addictive that it’s already my favorite of the bunch.)

The Bridge ($6.99)


A gorgeous 2D logic puzzle game of gravity manipulation and impossible architecture that’s been described as “Isaac Newton meets MC Escher.” Manipulate gravity to redefine the ceiling as the floor while venturing through improbable landscapes. “The Bridge” exemplifies games as an art form, featuring beautifully hand-drawn art in the style of a black-and-white lithograph.

Are you ready to try your hand at some truly unusual gaming experiences? To see all the games in the Indie Game Spotlight Collection, go here.

Have you checked out the games in the Indie Game Spotlight Collection yet? Let us know which one is your favorite in the comments below.