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September 7, 2015

Swipe and Send Part 2: More keyboard tips for Windows Phone

You already know the basics of using the world’s fastest keyboard. Now, use this additional info to become a true keyboard pro.

If you’re like me, you send more text and email messages on your Lumia than call people on the phone.

Thankfully, the Word Flow technology on Lumia and other Windows Phones makes it possible to shape-write words instead of having to laboriously tap out every single letter.

We gave you some handy basic tips on how to use your phone’s keyboard. Now, here are a few more shortcuts to help you compose and send your messages faster and easier.

Add a number or symbol quickly. You don’t have to switch keyboards if you just need to add one number or symbol. Tap and hold the numbers key (&123). Keep your finger on the screen and move it to the number or symbol you want to add. Lift your finger from the keyboard to type that character.


Find more symbols: Tapping the numbers and symbols key brings up common symbols for percent, ampersand, and currency. You can find more symbols by pressing a symbol key. For example, tap and hold the $ key and you’ll also see these currencies: £, ¥, €, and ¢, among others.

Add accents to letters: Your Lumia should know when a word needs an accent and will automatically add it for you. However, you can also manually add an accent by tapping and holding a letter and a list of possible accents for that letter will appear. Then just tap the accent you want to add.

Add words to dictionary: You can add your own words to your phone’s text-suggestion dictionary. Shape-write the word you want your phone to recognize, tap the word, then tap the plus sign (+) next to the word in the suggestion bar.


When sending a text message, quickly add phone number: It’s much easier to use the dial pad than the regular numbers keyboard to add a phone number when texting someone not in your Contacts list. Place your cursor in the “To:” line and tap the numbers icon to bring up the dial pad so you can add the person’s phone number.

Which tips do you use the most? Have we missed any keyboard shortcuts here or in our previous story? Do please let us know!