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September 9, 2015

Update: Minecraft Pocket Edition revamped on Windows Phone

It’s finally here—“Minecraft Pocket Edition” on Lumia gets a bunch of new features such as The Nether and cross-platform support with Windows 10 devices.


The world of Minecraft is a little brighter today. “Minecraft: Pocket Edition” has received a huge update that literally changes the way you play Minecraft on your Lumia.

Here are the big changes to watch for:

  • Cross-platform play

Up to five players can play “Minecraft Pocket Edition” and/or “Minecraft Windows 10 Edition Beta” together. That means that right from your Lumia, you can join your buddies playing Minecraft Pocket Edition or Minecraft Windows 10 Edition Beta on a Windows 10-powered PC, laptop, Microsoft Surface, or other mobile device.

  • Revamped controls

Enjoy revamped touch controls, controller support, and a new controller mapping screen.

  • The Nether

Fight Ghasts and make friends with Pigmen in The Nether, a dimension described as Minecraft’s scary underworld.

  • Enhanced weather

Experience Minecraft with new weather effects such as accumulating snow and directional rain.

  • Zombie villager professions

Zombie villagers can now have professions like farmers or butchers!

  • And More!

In addition to bug fixes, this update also introduces Ocelots (big kitties); Golems; enchanting, enchantments, and potions; flower pots; sneaking and sprinting; brewing; and anvils.


Have you experienced the sandbox splendor that is “Minecraft: Pocket Edition?” If not, download it here for $6.99 or search for “Minecraft: Pocket Edition” in the app store on your Lumia.

What’s your favorite new feature in “Minecraft: Pocket Edition?” Let us know in the comments below.