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September 14, 2015

What if.: The ultimate question game puts the fun into decision-making

What if you could run but not walk? Or wink but not blink? Would you sacrifice one thing for another?

That’s the idea behind “What if..,” a hit game on Windows Phone that has a goal to entertain and learn more about your friends.

Usage is simple; Answer questions posed by other What if.. members by voting either “yes” or “no.”

For instance:


“What if you learned everything there is to know about any two programming languages,” followed by “but you inherit 12 chickens, a horse, and a pair of pigs on a farm that you have to take care of yourself?”

I answered yes, but apparently I’m in the minority. Once you cast your vote, you’re shown statistics on what percentage voted for or against–42 percent voted “no” on the question above.

I also answered yes to “What if there was peace on Earth, but Internet disappeared?” Surprisingly, only 52 percent voted the same as me.

I voted no on this next one.

“What if you got over a hundred likes on every photo you post on Facebook … but you have to squint excessively and have your finger up your nose [in] all the pictures?”

Thankfully, 88 percent agreed with me this time.

Then there are some that make you think.

“What if the sun shines when you are happy, but it rains when you are sad?” Most people seem to like the idea of that, with 78 percent voting in favor.

Imagine if it rained and it was because someone was sad. Cheering them up to bring out the sun would be an amazing thing to do for everyone’s sake.

By answering other people’s questions, you not only get an insight into the fun (and often bizarre) way other people think, but you also accumulate “coins”–an in-app currency.


Sharing the questions on your Facebook timeline and encouraging your friends to take part also collects coins. This also helps you to understand your friends a bit more.

With enough coins, you can unlock different types of questions to answer, from Starter (you start with this and it’s free), Fresh, Drinking Dares, Hot, Outrageous, Challenging, Funny, and Sex, where presumably the questions get a little racy.

To ask the masses your own question, you need to spend in-app coins. The material is kept fresh as more players contribute, so there’s always a new question to answer. Here are some of the reviews of “What If..” by some of the players:

“Funny, silly, and thought provoking. A great way to pass the time and find out what kind of friends you have!” Victoria – 5 stars.

“Fun and entertaining, especially for a group.” Jonell – 4 stars.

“I thought this was an interesting game. Some of the questions challenge your beliefs, and moral standings about life and other personal topics.” Batú – 4 stars

Try “What if..” for yourself and download it for free from the Windows Phone Store.

Are you playing this game? What’s your favorite question?