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September 15, 2015

Top Gear: Extreme Parking rumbles onto Lumia

Show off your driving skills in this exciting game that delivers the cool cars of the hit TV show “Top Gear.”


Have you ever wanted to get behind the wheel of the powerful vehicles featured on TV’s “Top Gear” and take them for a spin?

Now you can—at least virtually—on your Lumia.

Despite its name, you won’t be sitting still very often in “Top Gear: Extreme Parking.” This new game challenges your driving (and yes, parking ) skills and tests your nerves on the world-famous Top Gear Test Track.

Drive six iconic cars from some of the best “Top Gear” episodes and use your Lumia’s precision touch-screen to show off on an obstacle course. Your goal: Negotiate the game’s increasingly difficult courses and park in the fastest time.

Pilot fine-tuned machines such as the Indestructible Pickup, James’s “Rozzers” Saloon, and Jezza’s Italian “Polizia” Coupe. The test track’s layout has been simulated to include real-world features such as the Hammerhead (a left-then-right corner), Follow Through (a flat-out section), and Gambon corner (the final turn before the finish line).

For more extreme parking challenges, roll in the legendary “Alfaab” (a weird double-headed stretch limo) or the ludicrously long Giant Panda Limo.

In addition to tackling the Top Gear Test Track, the game boasts a couple of extra gameplay modes to keep you on the tip of your treads.

In Racing Mode, you can chase The Stig, a mysterious helmeted racer that legend says can never be beaten. We bet you can with enough cunning and skill!

Destruction Mode is pretty much what it sounds like: Get in a car and destroy. Smash through caravans, the Cool Wall, the Top Gear production office, and more iconic areas from the home of “Top Gear.”

“Top Gear: Extreme Parking” is available globally and supports multiple languages.

Get in gear today! Download “Top Gear: Extreme Parking” here or search for “Top Gear: Extreme Parking” in the app store on your Lumia phone.

Are you a “Top Gear” fan? Which car is your favorite?