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Surface at Dreamforce ’15

Written By published September 16, 2015

We know from listening to Surface fans who are in field sales that finding the right tools to maximize productivity and increase engagement with customers can make all the difference, whether they’re visiting customers across town…or around the globe.

That’s why the Surface team is at Dreamforce ’15 this week – to talk with people who view Salesforce as central to their success, and show how the combination of Salesforce, Surface and Windows 10 can really be a best-of-breed solution for mobile sales.

Surface Pro 3

Growing customer interest in Salesforce on Surface

Many of our business customers are already achieving unprecedented results by deploying Salesforce on Microsoft Surface to their mobile salespeople. Enterprise Fleet Management and Paychex are great examples of companies reporting significant improvements through the combined solution.

An hour a day saved across hundreds of salespeople adds up to significantly more selling time and better customer service. In addition, our closing ratios have gone up 35 percent in the last year, and the Surface Pro 3 has certainly contributed to that sales increase.” Tom Chelew, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Enterprise Fleet Management

“We have been a Salesforce customer for years and are in the process of deploying 3000 Microsoft Surface devices to our sales force. We feel that the combination of these two market-leading offerings will significantly increase the efficiency and productivity of our mobile sales force.” Jane Linenfelser, Sales Strategy Manager, Paychex

With Surface’s unique capabilities as both a laptop and tablet, organizations like these are able to deploy a single-device strategy to their sales team—thereby saving money, reducing IT overhead, and increasing the productivity of their mobile salespeople.

With the combination of Salesforce and Surface, salespeople can execute transactions with on-site quotes, digital signatures, expedited order entry and live tracking—reducing the number of meetings needed to close, shrinking the sales cycle, and decreasing time to revenue. With Salesforce and Surface, they spend less time in the office and can instead have the latest information at their fingertips—helping them to be productive virtually any place, any time.

Surface demonstrates showcase financial advisor app for developers, and a new Windows 10 app is on the way

This week at Dreamforce ’15 in San Francisco, Salesforce customers and developers will have the opportunity to learn more about the best-of-breed combination of Salesforce, Microsoft Surface, and Windows 10 for mobile salespeople—and how this opens new avenues of opportunity for the Salesforce community.

Also at Dreamforce this week, we’re demonstrating a showcase app for financial advisors as an example of what is possible for developers on Surface via the Salesforce Mobile SDK for Windows 10. In particular, it is a great example of how a line of business app can capitalize on Surface’s unique capabilities – including inking and input with the Surface Pen. Along with seeing the showcase app in action, developers will be able to access documentation about how to get started and participate in dedicated Windows development sessions at Dreamforce.

Finally, Microsoft announced earlier today an expansion of our broader, strategic partnership with Salesforce. As a part of that announcement, Salesforce will deliver a Windows 10 app that will be great on Surface — empowering sales teams to move deals forward while on the go. Availability is anticipated in the second half of 2016. Visit the Microsoft News Center for more information and all the details related to today’s announcement.

We’re thrilled to be a part of the excitement this week at Dreamforce connecting with Surface fans who are part of the larger Salesforce community. The unparalleled combination of Salesforce, Surface and Windows 10 can be an ideal solution for field sales professionals and for Salesforce developers to drive new opportunity and increased productivity within mobile sales organizations.