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September 17, 2015

Contest: Ninjacat riding a T. Rex round-up and your chance to win a t-shirt

Showing your support to the Windows Insider program and Windows 10 is easy thanks in part to this “ninjacat riding a T. Rex” image. Let’s see how you’re using this new fun icon.

After we provided links to high-res ninjacat images last month, fans, Microsoft employees, and Conversations readers have been putting their own creations together to adapt the image further, much like Hethler De Chavez has:

Hethler-imageThe ninjacat has been replaced for manga character, Naruto.

@MichaelGillett‘s been busy and created several ninjacat images and provided a OneDrive link should anybody want to download them. Which is your favorite?

Creating some more elegant ninjacat images is @aisetan. With a selection of downloadable color variations, these would look amazing on any Surface.

We all know emojis are a fun and easy way to interact with your friends on messaging apps, but it also seems you can arrange a vast number of them to resemble a ninjacat riding a fire breathing unicorn, as @greg_carpentier demonstrates.

Not content with just the unicorn as the ninjacat’s ride, @arcadio_g_s is also a fan of the narwhal sticker on the back of his Surface Pro.

Going beyond sticker images onto your tablets or creating wallpapers, there’s also a t-shirt available, as modeled by Windows Central’s Mark Guim.

Have a new favorite t-shirt #ninjacat

A photo posted by Mark Guim (@markguim) on Aug 22, 2015 at 10:10am PDT

Win a ninjacat t-shirt

Speaking (well, writing) of the ninjacat t-shirt, we’ve got five to give away to five lucky people.

To be eligible to win, show us how you’re spreading the ninjacat-riding-a-T. Rex/unicorn/narwhal-love on your Windows device. The more creative you are, the better!

I’m trying to build one in Minecraft: Pocket Edition, but I’m unfortunately illegible to win.

Show us your creations below. We’ll pick select five winners on 29th September. Good luck!