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Lumia Voices
September 20, 2015

Our 5 best new Windows Phone apps of the week

Welcome back to another weekly roundup of fabulous Windows Phone apps, updates, and games!

Well Lumia lovers, summer is gone and autumn is here. We know you’re ready to break out your best fuzzy scarves and start enjoying the cooler weather, but before you do, take a look at the five new Windows Phone apps that we think you’re going to love as much as a hot Pumpkin Spice beverage. Give our choices for the 5 best apps a try and let us know which one you think should be our app of the week, using the poll below.


What is it: a car sharing service for one-way trips

Why we love it: Car2Go is an alternate choice for those who don’t want to fool around with rental agreements and only need a car for a one-way trip. With the purchase of a membership card, you can pick up a car in the city, drive it to your destination, and park it when you’re done. The app finds nearby available cars or you can make a reservation. Car2Go is currently available in 29 cities in Europe and North America.

Who it’s perfect for: people tired of public transportation

Car2Go Windows Phone

Total Commander

What is it: a popular file manager

Why we love it: After a year of beta testing, the ultimate file manager Total Commander is now available for your Windows Phone. The app handles all of the usual file management tasks, as well as the ability to create, rename, and move whole sub-directories, zip and unzip, search, and bookmark. But that’s not all — Total Commander comes with a built-in FTP client, LAN access, cloud storage, and Wi-Fi direct file transfers.

Who it’s perfect for: anyone currently using more than one app to manage their files

Total Commander Windows Phone


Steam Live (update)

What is it: a good Steam client

Why we love it: If you use digital games distributor Steam and are also a Windows Phone fan, Steam Live is a must-have to stay on top of your profile information. The app has recently received a huge update which includes a ton of improvements and new features. What’s on the list? To start with, handy Live Tiles for your games and other info, Steam news, Steam Status, and more. The memory usage has also been improved, so no more crashing.

Who it’s perfect for: Steam gamers

Steam Live Windows Phone


Drink O’Band

What is it: an app that helps you hydrate

Why we love it: Drink O’Band is an app that reminds you to drink more water throughout the day. As you can probably tell from its name, it uses Microsoft Band to make the water-drinking reminders quick and easy. If you don’t have Microsoft Band, you can get reminders on your phone. Drink O’Band is still in beta, but it’s free and just might help you up your water game.

Who it’s perfect for: anyone who’s forgetful when it comes to drinking water

Drink O'Band Windows Phone


Foundbite (update)

What is it: a social networking app that uses sound

Why we love it: Foundbite is an interesting app with a unique premise, letting you “explore the world through sound.” The app integrates with PinPoint, an addictive geo-location guessing game in which you guess where in the world a user-uploaded “foundbite” is from based on sight and sound. In addition to PinPoint integration, Foundbite’s recent update also includes a new, more modern UI.

Who it’s perfect for: anyone looking for an interesting social network to try



Happy with this week’s selection? Let us know in the comments below, and don’t forget to cast your vote!