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September 22, 2015

Xender: Transfer files via Wi-Fi

Using the power of Wi-Fi, Xender transfers your files from your Lumia to another device in super-quick time.


Typically, sending a file from one device to another involves email, Bluetooth, or SMS, which can be slow if your files are large.

Instead, the cross-platform file-transfer app Xender uses Wi-Fi to send files to other devices. Provided that all devices have Xender installed and are connected to the same Wi-Fi network, you can send locally stored photos, videos, files, and music, as well as searches from other apps such as OneDrive to another device.

Now, why would you use Xender if you already use the cloud-storage app OneDrive? Xender could be helpful if you just want to share just one large file quickly and directly to a friend’s phone, for example.


How fast is Xender? To give you an idea of the transfer speeds that can be achieved, we’ve performed a very unscientific test using a stopwatch.

To compare, here’s how long it took me to send a photo from one Lumia to another via Bluetooth:

One photo, 9.81 MB = 2 min, 15 seconds

Using Xender to send the same photo between the same devices:

One photo, 9.81 MB = 12 seconds

There are no file size restrictions for Xender. Regardless of whether the file is 1 MB or 5 GB, the app can send it as long as the recipient has the available resources to receive it.

Xender is free to download, so head over to the Windows Phone Store to install.

What do you think of Xender? Let us know below.