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September 23, 2015

Your latest #LumiaChallenge: Color Match

Which Lumia color do you rock? Show us your colorful side in your latest #LumiaChallenge.

Your world doesn’t have to be limited to black and white with Lumia. No matter what your favorite color is, you can find a phone that perfectly suits you in Lumia’s range of vibrant colors. It’s a fun way to express yourself and show the world who you are every time you pull out your phone. So which color did you choose for your Lumia? This month’s #LumiaChallenge is the perfect opportunity to let us see which color you rock and showcase your photography skills through Lumia-colored glasses.


Show your true colors

For this this month’s #LumiaChallenge, we want to see your best photos that have been inspired by the color of your Lumia. Do you see the world in a sunny yellow, vibrant green, or cool cyan? Snap a photo of an object or background that matches the color of your Lumia and share it with us! Whether it’s something you’ve spotted around town that reminds you of your Lumia or a photo that includes your Lumia, we want to see it. The community continues to amaze us with every challenge, so feel free to think outside of the box and get as creative as you like.

For a little inspiration, check out the fantastic example photos in this post. Dražen Matijašević’s green Lumia is perfectly complemented by a background of fresh peas, and Bhumika Bhatia’s shot of a color-coordinated bus and taxi is a wonderful example of Lumia orange spotted in the wild. Lumia colors are all around us, so keep your eyes peeled and phone at the ready.


How to get colorful


Once you’ve taken your winning shot, share it with us on Twitter or Instagram using the#LumiaChallenge hashtag and @LumiaVoices. Be sure to include both, so that we don’t miss out on your entry. The winner of this #LumiaChallenge will receive a unique experience as well as a Lumia accessory pack, which includes a wireless charger.

The challenge ends 2 weeks from today. Your Color Match entries will be judged by Microsoft’s Head of Imaging Technology Juha Alakarhu, who is pictured here with community member Victor Belon. Please be sure to read the Terms & Conditions before submitting your entry.

Are you ready to color us impressed? We can’t wait to see your Lumia-inspired photos! In the meantime, let us know what you think in the comments below.