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September 24, 2015

Podcast Spotlight: The best cocktail podcasts on Windows Phone

Tap your inner mixologist with your Lumia: From the classic martini to newer drinks such as watermelon sangria, these podcasts give you an inside look into artisanal spirits and cocktail culture.

If you follow the food and drinks scene, you know there’s a growing global trend in craft cocktails and small-batch distilleries that make whiskey, gin, and vodka, and other liquor.

Forget subpar spirits and canned fruit. Bartenders from San Francisco to Sydney are using fresh ingredients and botanicals to create cocktails (served over hand-cut ice) to discerning customers. And the number of licensed craft distilleries in the United States alone has exploded from seven in 1990 to almost 1,000 today, according to industry experts.

As a result, more foodies are jumping on the cocktail bandwagon to create their own concoctions. If you’re one of them—or just want to learn how to make better drinks at your next party, check out these entertaining podcasts. And don’t forget to subscribe to them using your favorite podcast app on your Lumia.


The Mixology Talk Podcast: This light-hearted podcast, hosted by husband-and-wife team Chris and Julia Tunstall, is akin to taking a Cocktails 101 class. They’ll teach you what you need to know about making better drinks, from ingredients to bar equipment, as well as give you the low-down on the bartending industry in general.

As they state on their website, “Learn to make great drinks and the basics of mixology without the crazy complicated stuff.  We’re demystifying Mixology and having a great time doing it!”

Bartender HQ: This Manchester, UK-based blog, hosted by David Sangwell, who owns and runs a nightclub, is more directed at bartenders, thought there’s a lot the typical amateur mixologist (read: you and me) can glean from it.

And if you go to his website, you can get his free eBook on receipes for his top 10 cocktails—the most popular drinks that his customers keep asking for time and again.

WhiskyCast: This is the podcast for you true whiskey connoisseurs out there. Apparently, there are a lot of folks who are keen on this Scotch-Irish liquor because this podcast is now in its 10th year. Every week, you’ll get the latest info on events, tasting notes, news, and interviews to help make whiskey “the water of life.”

Neat factoid that I learned: Whiskey was used as currency during the American Revolutionary War.